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Smart windows for smart homes with IoT from Sensative
Smart home technologies extend the window for independent living as people grow older.
Ideal for busy office spaces and hot-desking environments, the Sensative desk occupancy sensor can be useful in creating a COVID-secure workspace
By closely monitoring heat conditions in and around batteries in real-time, you can be notified before any costly incident occurs
Why more data is more in facility management
Through smart rental apartments with connected digital devices, real estate actors can attract tenants while facilitating maintenance and security
From reactive to proactive Smart Buildings with IoT from Sensative
Hungarian property developer Metrodom installs Sensative Strips Guard in all Smart Apartments
Axis using Strips Guard to monitor when a cash register is open or closed
CONVINcE addresses the challenge of reducing the power consumption in IP-based video networks with an end-to-end approach, from the headend where contents are encoded and streamed to the terminals where they are consumed, embracing the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and the core and access networks.

Digitalization Infrastructure Management System (DiMS)

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