Örebroporten - a Sensative Smart Building customer case

Örebroporten – a Sensative Smart Building Case

From reactive to proactive with IoT

About Örebroporten

Örebroporten Fastigheter AB is a real estate company owned by the municipality, located in Örebro, Sweden, that manages approximately 360,000 square meters. They own and manage large properties like event and sports arenas, Örebro Airport, and Kvinnerstagymnasiet. Örebroporten is thus responsible for properties that the municipality wishes to develop.

Örebro Airport - Örebroporten - a Sensative Smart Building customer case

Örebro Airport

The old way

Today the properties are managed and maintained by five managers, ten operating technicians, and four technicians focusing on locks and alarms. Property management systems have not evolved, and large part of the maintenance is done as it always has been. When fault reports are received, operating technicians take actions on-site supervised by the property manager. The work is reactive when problems occur, rather than proactive as Jesper Hedlund – head of digitalization and properties – wishes. For Örebroporten to perform a proactive operation, access to data is crucial.

Jesper Hedlund explains: “A lot of the data is locked up in the old, conservative control systems. The systems are difficult to handle. For instance, a manager in charge of administration and finance has problems understanding the real picture of how the property actually works”. Furthermore, he tells that Örebroporten, due to the locked-up data, has difficulties in finding correlating data.

One example is the local sports center. Because of the present situation with Covid-19, the sports center has not been used since the beginning of February. Yet, the building has consumed more energy during February and March compared to the previous year. Still, since they have not had the right tools to acquire detailed data from the property, they have no clues to why.

Jesper Hedlund Örebroporten

Jesper Hedlund
CDO, Örebroporten

Important needs solved

The collaboration with Sensative enables access to properties’ data for proactive maintenance work. By unlocking, washing and structuring data, Sensative and the Yggio Smart Building enabling platform solves three main needs for Örebroporten: 

  1. Property managers get a better understanding of property data. They must be able to access both historical and real-time data in a comprehensive way, instead of just looking at operating systems they do not understand.
  2. Yggio allows buildings to be more than heating, ventilation, and lighting. Since everything from power outlets to charging posts in a property can have sensors and be connected, there is a need for a platform that can handle data and structure it up. As a horizontal IoT platform Yggio does this.
  3. Yggio enables Örebroporten to share data with tenants who can deliver better products to a third party. Örebroporten manages sports arenas and can help, for example, Örebro Hockey by installing sensors in the supporter shop. The sensors can gather data on the number of visitors in the shop versus transactions. The generated data creates business opportunities for both parties, as Örebroporten on a commercial basis provide data to the hockey team, which in turn can develop their product based on knowledge and sales.

The goal for Örebroporten is to have Yggio as their central platform for all data. The change Jesper Hedlund wants to see is a greater understanding of how the properties work in reality. Why has the sports center consumed more energy in February and March? With Sensative’s sensors and Yggio, every single unit, windows, doors, and temperatures can be controlled. The data is reachable, and maintenance can be based on facts. 

Tips for other real estate companies

Jesper Hedlund’s advice to other real estate companies is to let people with knowledge in IT and IoT work with those questions. If digitalization managers don’t know IT, the chain of information often becomes long, and communication errors occur. Jesper Hedlund also believes that real estate business should not be afraid of working with young, innovative companies: 

“They can’t have been around since 1980. Back then, even the Internet didn’t exist. Here lies my challenge, to get people in leading positions to understand the value of this. You can’t just press an AI-button. If we are going to work with AI, we need data that today, if it exist at all, only can be found in files and documents in different places. We need to collect and make all data accessible in one place.”

In addition, Jesper Hedlund says that working with IoT, AI and machine learning is continuous: 

“It’s a journey that will increase exponentially. How will providers, like Sensative, look in five to ten years? Which sensors are available then? Are any available at all, or are they already built into materials? You have to be on top of market intelligence and analysis and try things out. With an increasing need for competence and technology, you can’t wait. To sit still and wait until things are “finished” will only make them old and obsolete in six months.”

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