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Smart Public Spaces is a project and a test bed for Smart Services by the Lund municipality in cooperation with Malmö city and about 30 companies. Both the Lund municipality and Malmö city work actively to increase transparency and participation for citizens and create better public spaces using innovative solutions. The idea is that connected sensors and gadgets can play an important role in the creation of new types of solutions while providing the opportunity for increased entrepreneurship.

Part of the project is to find Internet-of-Things (IoT) commodities for the municipality’s operations. The goal is for administrations and municipal companies to meet the future with more resource-efficient technology solutions. The project has initially focused on four innovation examples: cycle data, critical infrastructure monitoring, efficient and safe urban cultivation, and user-managed waste management. The project will continue until the summer of 2020.

Sensative delivers

The Lund Open City Sensor Network (LOCSN), consisting of LoRa and other standards, is managed by Sensative’s Yggio, which ensures secure data sharing between different network types, sensor owners and users.

Sensative also delivers the city-wide LoRa network.

lund open city sensor network

The project

In the spring of 2017, three base stations were installed for an open city wireless network in Lund’s central city center. The network is free to use for different players in a pre-commercial phase. This allows students, interested individuals and SMEs to participate more easily in the development of Internet of Things.

Through the project, it is easy to get permission to set up sensors outside the city. All that’s needed is an OK from the Traffic Department with permits that are renewed annually.

The project give companies an opportunity to test ideas before commercializing their services. To make it possible, the project will use several additional technologies for city-wide wireless networks, such as LoRaWAN, NBIoT and BLE Longrange, which are newly developed standards for wireless sensors in cities.

Lund University and the Lund municipality provide locations for LoRa.WAN The networks are linked by software from Sensative, which ensures secure data sharing between different network types, sensor owners and users.

Examples of projects made available through Lund's open IoT network:


Bintel uses sensors to position waste containers and measure and communicate waste levels in bins making waste management more environmentally friendly. Trials are currently being planned to take place in Helsingborg.


Sensefarm uses sensors to alert growers of poor environmental conditions for their farms. Reports from these sensors are used to make decisions regarding irrigation, reducing unnecessary watering and guarding against dehydrated plants, and thus saving money.



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