iot smart surveillance and storage on farms

Smart Surveillance and Smart Storage – A Sensative Use Case


In another IoT use case, we showcase some of the EIP-AGRIs projects in Smart Agriculture and Smart Horticulture, where Sensative participates. Here, we will look at their other related projects, namely Smart Surveillance and Smart Storage. The projects are exploratory pilot projects intended to give input to further research and development.

In both instances, the digital infrastructure consists of short- (WiFi), mid- (Z-wave), and long-range (LoRaWAN) communication protocols. In addition, the projects utilize sensative’s horizontal IoT DiMS platform Yggio to collect and manage data from IoT sensors and other sources. Choosing an open IoT platform such as Yggio allows farmers to continuously adapt their setup based on their current needs and developments in the market.

Smart Surveillance

With valuable material and non-surveilled buildings spread over vast areas, farmers are continuously at risk of intruders relatively easily stealing equipment, such as tools and oil, or sabotaging their operations. EIP-AGRI has thus identified a clear value in employing IoT technology to improve safety on farms by Smart Surveillance.

wooden gate with chain padlock

Surveilled assets on farms include outdoor fuel tanks, agricultural machinery, and vehicles, and farm buildings. Data collecting sensors and equipment utilized in the setup consist of sensitive vibration sensors (geophones), presence sensors (radar), cameras, and alarms. Besides protecting valuables, Smart Surveillance also helps farmers protect themselves, their workers, and farm animals by increasing security.

The combination of smart surveillance technology with a sophisticated alarm system allows farmers to get informed when any issues arise quickly. For example, an instant detection of trespassing (unauthorized movement) could help avoid theft or sabotage, identify the displacement of animals, and indicate accidents.

Use cases

The farmers monitor entrances into areas or buildings that hold valuable assets by vibration patterns detected through a highly sensitive geophone. The sophisticated system learns to discern when an intrusion occurs and what type of intruder the farmer can expect through advanced modeling of factors such as defined vibration patterns, movement analyses, and time of residence. The system can, for example, discern between pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles, which together with other factors will indicate if it is a “friendly intrusion” or a cause for concern. 

The residence time mentioned above, which the system contrasts with the vibrational patterns, is captured via presence sensors (radar detection). The presence sensors will discern presence (yes/no) and time of presence/residence in a surveilled area or protected zone.

smart intruder detection

The detection of entrance into a surveilled area through vibration sensors (geophones) will only trigger a level 1 alarm.

Based on characterization through modeling of factors, a level 2 alarm will be triggered if the system’s data calculations from the presence sensors (radar) fit the characterization of an intruder (based on the area and time of residence). The level 1 and 2 alarms are only silently triggered (silent registrations).

If the suspected intruder is in a high-risk zone close to valuable objects, a sounding level 3 alarm will be set off.

If the vibration sensors detect someone touching a valuable object, then the system will activate a level 4 (highest risk level) sound alarm. A level 4 alarm means that all concerned parties, internal and external, will be notified of the ongoing intrusion. In addition, on certain alarm levels, image capturing by cameras will also be automatically activated to monitor and capture evidence of the intrusion.

This type of setup defines Smart Surveillance – An intelligent system that detects, analyses, and takes suitable action.

Smart Storage

iot farming silo

Reliable storage of water and grains is one of the essential parts of the agricultural industry. 

The main objective of Smart Storage is to improve the accuracy in the quantification and characterization of stored materials in farming environments.

Use cases for different kinds of storage of interest for farmers are, for instance, animal feed and pellets in silos, stacks, and piles of potatoes, beets, and other crops.

With grain silo monitors and tank measuring tools, moisture content can be tracked and quickly detect leaks. 

Some examples:

Laser sensors quantify levels in silos to eliminate the standard visual level inspection that can be enormously time-consuming.

Temperature and humidity sensors monitor the status and quality of the stored materials to avoid, for instance, mold.


EIP-AGRI helps European farmers to not only improve their agricultural outputs, but also to improve monitoring of their operations and security around the facilities and fields.  EIP-AGRI has launched a holistic drive for modernizing agriculture as a whole – Something that we will reap the benefits of for many years to come. Stay tuned for more future exciting use cases in Smart Agriculture.

eip-agri iot projects

To learn more about the EIP-AGRI projects, visit their website.

These projects are funded by the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) with support from Jordbruksverket

Europeiska jordbruksfonden jordbruksverket

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