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In 2017 the city of Malmö decided that to improve the quality of life for their citizens, a digital transformation must take place. The ultimate goals are to strengthen Malmö as a city and make life a little simpler and more enjoyable for the people who live there.

It all starts with the integration of people and digital assets. The primary goals include a stronger connection between the people of the city and the government to promote interactivity and communication and provide an avenue for citizens to voice their opinions, concerns and submit ideas for improvements. 

The city of Malmö is striving to create new, innovative forms of public services and facilitating existing forms of service. Data will be depersonalized and used by researchers, public authorities and businesses who want to help the people of Malmö enjoy an increased quality of life. Malmö wants a stronger relationship between the physical city and each individual and an improved re-use of information while reducing the ecological footprint.

The project has a specific focus area in the Smart City Indra; 1) to establish a common IoT management platform and 2) to implement an application where the property and traffic management department can measure water levels in channels and Oresund, in real-time.

Sensative delivers

Sensative provides the IoT / data platform Yggio and a city-wide LoRa network. All data goes through this platform and is available through an API.

Sensative delivers competence to the implementation project, and is responsible for support and management of the platform and in both cases collaborates with Atea.

Malmö's requirements

Layered and Open architecture

Components must be part of Malmö’s entire IT platform and interact with other services and functions in an ecosystem.

Information management and ownership

The information shall be managed with clear ownership by the respective committees. Data should be standardized.

Predictable cost

In 2017 the city of Malmö requests both upfront and ongoing platform costs in order to make sound calculations for each new business venture.

The project

The project is based on the Digital Malmö program and focus area Smart City, and partly on the city’s Skyfall plan, which was developed following the heavy rainfall of 2014.

The aim of the project is to deliver a city-wide IoT platform that can be used cross-sectorally, while delivering systematic and real-time information on current water levels in Öresund and the city’s channels.

In the project, several different suppliers collaborate with various components, together with the city’s IT organization and Atea.

digitala malmo part

The following is delivered by the project:

  • LoRaWAN network (Sensative)
  • IoT Platform (Sensitive / Yggio)
  • Analysis of data as well as visualization (Office 365 / Azure)
  • Mobile access to information for the operations that work with the Skyfall plan

Following completion of the project in December 2018, a central management organization will be established, capable of connecting sensors, transporting data, applying operating rules, making available data via the API, and storing the information.



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