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VA SYD is a municipal water company that, besides waste, handles drinking-, sewer- and stormwater. Dealing with a water system of more than 5 000 kilometers of pipe, with the oldest section of pipes dating back to the 1870s, VA SYD has plenty of challenges to solve for the future. Not only is the pipe system in need of updates, but the company also needs to think about other emerging challenges such as weather patterns changing, rising sea levels, and more.

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What Sensative supplies

At VA SYD, a team tasked with finding new solutions to the company’s challenges was funded some time back. While the team has been looking at modern technological solutions that can fit their needs, they have come to view IoT solutions as interesting implementations to get informed about their issues and get opportunities to solve them

VA SYD needs

Sensative supplies

The ability to detect water leaks

Through the Yggio platform, customers can freely choose what sensors they want to use and combine, as long as these are not part of a siloed system. 

High security standards

The Yggio platform uses the latest security standards and encryption, and the data is entirely in the customer’s hands. 

Also, VA SYD runs their own instance of Yggio on-premises in their own protected environment.

To control and own their data

The Yggio platform is based on open protocols and does not force organizations to store data on any external cloud service, making it an ideal choice for any customers who want to be fully in charge of their data.

With Yggio, the data never leaves the VA SYD internal systems.

VA SYD operations cover vast distances with many sensors and thus require long maintenance intervals

LoRaWAN was chosen for its long-range and low power capabilities. 

Yggio was chosen for its support of LoRaWAN, as well as, numerous other protocols that VA SYD uses or might be using in the future.

98% of sensors to send data at least once a day

This is a perfect case for choosing the LoRaWAN network; small amounts of data at long intervals. 

The ability to freely choose between a wide range of IoT devices to use and systems to integrate

With our platform Yggio speaking so many different protocols, customers can freely choose the best devices for their particular use case without being limited to a specific supplier or technology.

The platform works as a real-time translator so that data collection, logic, and actions can be performed on a mix of technologies and standards, including different IT systems.

Use case

VA SYD faces many challenges due to its infrastructure, built for a different climate, fewer residents, and more. The company sees many issues like too much water in the pipes, water leaks, flooding, and more. As a result, the company wants to analyze several aspects of water flow: how much water flows to different areas, how much water does each resident use, and leaks.

Installing water meters

VA SYD’s initial IoT use case is to install water meters in over 60 000 customers to monitor water consumption in real-time. By doing so, the company can collect valuable data to use themselves and share with the customers. This data can be valuable for the company when analyzing and planning how to extend or re-design the pipe infrastructure based on demand and realized challenges. For the customers, this data can be made accessible through apps or similar to inform them of their water consumption, giving them insights for financial and sustainability decisions.

Water loss prevention

Another issue that the company faces is water losses. With VA SYD losing about 10% of the water when transferring it from the primary source (i.e., lake or similar) to users, the company needs solutions that can lower this number. As the company loses much of this water due to leakage in the system, installing water leak detectors is on their priority list. A big challenge here is finding sensors that can withstand the in-pipe conditions and can communicate remotely from the underground system they are located in.

Mapping water flow in infrastructure

Apart from monitoring water consumption, VA SYD also wants to learn about general water flow in their pipes: What areas have the most intense water flows and what areas are at risk of flooding when challenging conditions arise. To learn about these things, sensors monitoring pressure levels are once again a suitable implementation. The company can then analyze the collected data in conjunction with maps of the infrastructure to see what areas are in the most need of increased capacity or re-routing of water flow.

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