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Indoor Light and Air Quality for Productivity


We spend approximately 1/3 of our life at work in our offices, and during these hours, we are meant to be productive, creative, and focused. For many, this is close to a utopian vision as it often is far from realized due to a range of disturbing factors that create a challenging working environment. We might have the shiniest office in town, but if indoor conditions are off, our productivity still sinks fast and hard. Global research shows that 85% of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their workplaces, mainly due to environmental factors.

Many are now replacing some of their office time with time spent at home, cafés, or rental desks. However, wherever we are located, we still require an environment that encourages focus, inspires creativity, and makes us feel comfortable.

IoT technology has made a positive impact on this issue during the last years, laying the foundation for all workers to enjoy a pleasant working environment that will benefit both employees and employers alike. 

Light and air quality – Important factors

Let us look at light and air quality – two fundamental aspects for our minds and bodies to stay in harmony and work accordingly. Unfortunately, many building environments fall short in assuring that the quality of these aspects creates a healthy and productive working environment. These unfavorable conditions are often due to a lack of insight into how the current indoor conditions affect workers, or a lack of real-time control of these conditions. Studies have shown that poor indoor lightning not only causes headaches and eyestrain but also stress, fatigue, and anxiety. In addition, most of the technology used in offices produces an intense blue light, which has been shown to disrupt our sleep patterns, thus leaving us feeling less refreshed in the morning.

The typical air quality found in offices rarely assists our creativity or overall health either. Air quality is especially problematic in workplaces, as studies show that bad indoor air quality severely limits our capacity to think freely and be productive. Our minds and bodies are, in essence, constructed in a way that most buildings cannot handle properly. But these problems could be taken care of with simple, but indispensable, IoT solutions.

disturbing office lights

Stand-still versus an IoT investment

While losses due to low productivity are difficult to estimate, they are certainly far above the range of any IoT investment. Low productivity will continue to plague a company for as long as current conditions remain, pushing back innovation and team spirit. Comparatively, an IoT investment is only partially continuous, far cheaper, and opens up a range of additional use cases for optimization. Sensative Sensors are one-time investments lasting ten years+, allowing the market to grow in a beneficiary tempo between sensor replacements. The IoT DiMS platform Yggio is license-based, offering the power to enjoy a range of possibilities for monitoring and automation.

Having an IoT platform with hardware continuously collecting data means the main work is done – The machinery is working its magic and its operations can only be extended. These extensions, or use cases, typically involve predictive maintenance, asset management, security, resource spending, and services  – Visit our use case portal for more inspiration.

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Sensative Strips MS +Comfort

Sensative’s Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN is a powerhouse of a multi-sensor offering a range of measuring points for monitoring and regulating indoor climate. The battery life lasts up to 10 years, allowing you to simply install and forget. In addition, the slim design makes the Strips MS +Comfort easy to mount and hide so that it does not disturb the interior. Simply connect the Strips to Yggio, Sensative’s DiMS operating system for smart buildings and cities, and you will be ready to automatic regulation and lower energy costs.

Strips MS +Comfort can supply you with actionable data on light, temperature, and humidity. This allows you to set the standard for a pleasant working environment that will benefit staff and yield higher productivity in return.

In addition, by utilizing Yggio and its open solutions, you can easily connect other sensor types such as decibel and sound pressure sensors to get an even more holistic view and control of your indoor climate. There are few limits to what you can measure and automate by setting up scenarios and connecting systems. Intense blinding natural light, intrusive unnatural lighting, excessive CO2 levels, too dry or moist air, overactive and freezing HVAC systems – Everything is within reach to optimize for everyone’s comfort.

starterkit box.temperature.200803

Strips MS +Comfort sensors can be found directly in our webshop.

For the curious customer who wants to learn about IoT and try out our sensors together with the Yggio platform, we offer a “Starter Kit to Reduce Energy Costs” for monitoring indoor temperature, humidity, and more. A powerful kit for apartments, offices, and many other locations.

If you are interested in buying our solutions in this article or need help tailoring a solution for your specific needs, visit our webshop or contact our sales team to evaluate your possibilities and requirements. We are happy to guide you.

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