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Add IoT, one step at a time

All customers are unique so starting small can mean completely different things. Here are two typical customer cases.

Customer 1. Add one IoT function at a time, then integrate additional properties

This customer wanted to solve a specific need; measure the temperature in all apartments. They started in one property to learn and evaluate, then rolled out the same functionality throughout the remainder of their over 1000 properties. In the next phase they will add additional functionality to further improve efficiencies and property values.

  1. Install sensors to measure the temperature in all apartments and common areas
  2. Connect multiple properties
  3. Create a common control panel and develop analysis reports
  4. Plan maintenance and investments to lower energy costs
  5. Gain new and valuable insights
  6. Remotely control heating and cooling systems based on temperatures reported
  7. Expand with new features

Customer 2. Integrate everything in one property

This customer wanted to integrate all systems in one property to optimize operations and develop new services for tenants.
  1. Connect multiple systems in the property
  2. Install multi-function sensors
  3. Create a control panel and develop analysis reports
  4. Add remote control
  5. Gain new and valuable insights
  6. Develop new integrated services
  7. Duplicate in all properties

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