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Sensative Announces Strategic partnership with Logic Group A/S

SENSATIVE Announces Strategic partnership with Logic Group A/S. Through this relationship, Sensative and Logic Group will jointly develop new product offerings aimed at the Smart Home/Building markets.

Sensative AB, a Swedish tech company offering IoT solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes today announces their official partnership with Logic Group A/S.

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“Logic Group is a rapidly growing product supplier to Smart Home and Buildings.” Jesper Ib Paulsen from Logic Group adds “it is a natural corporation between the companies, as we are aiming at the same markets and jointly increases the value for the customers. The first step is joint marketing and sales efforts, but, more importantly, this will enable us to rapidly develop new exciting products”

Claes Svensson, Chairman of the Board, Sensative AB, adds, “Sensative’s leading sensors fits well in the Logic Group Z-wave Smart Home product portfolio, opening up for bundling and presenting a stronger offering to our mutual customers. Also, we will now share our expertise in radio and low-power technologies for the next generation products for Smart Home & Buildings. We see this as a perfect match for offering more complete solutions to our customers”

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About Sensative AB

Founded in 2013, Sensative AB is an award-winning tech company offering IoT solutions for cities and commercial property markets with a vision to empower people with smart technology. Sensative makes IoT technology accessible, affordable and usable for our customers & partners while keeping control, integrity, and security in their hands.
For more information, contact Sensative AB at or visit

About Sensative Strips

Strips are wireless sensors that are so slim that they mount invisibly and are maintenance free with a battery life of up to 10 years. With a completely sealed enclosure and operating temperatures of -20°C to 60°C and can be used in- or outdoor. The sensors work with any Z-Wave gateway and are already officially certified with several top-rated hubs such as SmartThings, Vera, Wink, Viva Labs, and Zipabox. For a complete list of certified gateways check here. For more information, contact Sensative AB at or visit

Contact:              Göran Andersson, CTO Sensative AB
Phone:                 +46 730 88 42 11

About Logic Group

Logic Group offers various home automation products that easily integrate with a wide range of existing Z-Wave products. Our products improve comfort, save energy and protect your home or office. Our product line is all Danish technology and design and we are continuously looking to improve and expand our product line. For more information, contact Logic Group at or visit

Contact:              Jesper Ib Paulsen, Partner & Director Logic Group A/S
Phone:                 +45 30 46 30 31



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