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From Traditional Building Automation to Smart Buildings

Today, the investment strategy among property owners focuses on the use of smart technology to achieve cost savings, higher efficiency, security, and enhanced sustainability levels in their properties. This in turn leads to higher property values. Only in the next step will smart buildings solutions also begin generating new revenue for actors in the real estate industry.

Every dollar saved on operating expenses
generates a value increase of up to $20.

Advanced IoT services and enhanced property operation and management utilizing data analysis from sensors can reduce operating costs of properties as much as 15-30%. 

According to a study by McKinsey, office buildings alone stand to gain between $100B and 200B (USD) per year until 2025 by investing in IoT technology. Of those asked in a Harvard survey, roughly a third reported that they achieved their ROI in the second year after completing their digital makeover.

Despite this, the initial investment cost is often the biggest obstacle to getting started.

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

sensative think big start small scale fast

A horizontal integration platform​

Yggio horizontal building.2022.rev2 .1

Sensative’s Yggio is a unique and long-awaited open platform that can be integrated with all standards and protocols for real estate automation, including everything new within IoT. Add sensors, control, analysis and apps to optimize and digitize. No need to change, just add IoT, one function at a time. All previous investments in automation can be re-used and streamlined with new and better data.

Different properties may have a mix of suppliers and functionality. Integrate everything with Yggio.

If a property changes owners, the smart solution can easily be integrated into the buyer’s environment. Digitization should not build new walls, it should tear them down.

Why stop at automation? Yggio is open to integration with any system. Use the information for something useful, such as integration with customer service, sustainability reporting, maintenance planning or booking systems. With access to information, the organization can be developed and internal processes optimized. 

Take the next step and create completely new services that provide new revenue opportunities while increasing the value of the property. New smart services for tenants? Intelligent waste management? Smart laundry rooms or parking spaces? 

Free the property’s data, tear down the lock-ins and supplier dependencies. One step at a time.



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