The Strips Guard, the ultra-thin door/window open/close magnet sensor, is the first in the Strips family that is updated to the new 700 chipset. 

Z-Wave Plus 700 series sensors bring a wealth of additional valued features such as longer range, low power consumption for extended battery life and SmartStart technology for instant enrolling. 

With SmartStart, device inclusion can be initiated automatically by simply removing the included magnets. The Z-Wave gateway then performs the inclusion process in the background without the need for user interaction.

700 Series provides a direct range of 100 meters, an improvement of 60 meters over the 500 series and also includes the industry’s best S2 security, providing Strips Guard with the ultimate combination of features to securely protect your home.

sensative strips guard slight tilt

We now have all the necessary approvals!

Stay tuned for the release and where to buy!

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FCC approval

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Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

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