Sensative secures series A to expand its Yggio IoT platform sales across Europe


LUND 2021-10-05.

Aconterra and sensative celebrates the series A investment

Sensative AB, the provider of Yggio, a smart building/smart city IoT platform and a wide variety of battery-powered sensor strips, has carried out part 2 of its Series A new share issue. The total consideration amounts to SEK 29M (2.8M€), led by Aconterra Fund and followed by existing investors for the accelerated sales of the IoT platform Yggio and the development of several new sensors.

Aconterra is a Belgian VC fund building an ecosystem of innovative ‘Smart Building Tech’ companies to make buildings more sustainable, more comfortable, and pleasant to work or live in.

With Yggio 3, Sensative leads the development of a new generation of IoT platforms called DiMS (Digitalization infrastructure Management System) to create horizontal digitization of the Smart Property and the smart city. 

Yggio DiMS’s openness and management of access to data and sensors create a cohesive infrastructure while establishing a heterogeneous and competitive market for sensors and data-driven services. McKinsey estimates that when the property owner or city can utilize all the sensors and control systems to create new applications and digital innovation, the benefit can increase by up to 100%.

A large number of Swedish cities, city networks, energy, water & sewerage, and real estate companies have already chosen Yggio 3 as their DiMS platform for connecting and digitizing their networks, operations, and properties.

Yggio allows these customers to choose technologies that integrate with their existing technologies, offering easy scalability and data aggregation to prepare for future, possibly more significant use cases. Moreover, Yggio’s open architecture means it integrates IoT with any system, enabling them to optimize internal processes, such as sustainability reporting, maintenance planning, and booking systems. Without Yggio, they stand a chance of missing out on 40%-60% of the value of IoT.

Sensative has also launched and started global sales of seven new LoRaWAN and Z-Wave-based sensors under the Strips brand last year. They are used to monitor doors and windows, detect water leakage, measure light, temperature, humidity, moisture content in materials, or office desk occupancy. 

About Yggio DiMS
smart city by sensative

The DiMS platform connects and manages the entire property’s or city’s technical infrastructure for digitization, for example, sensors, controls, control systems, and gateways. At the same time, it establishes an open and standardized interface (API – application programming interface) and data models to unify all these different technologies from different vendors and their data into one management system. 

Yggio DiMS enables various data-driven applications connected to control and monitor functions such as lighting, traffic, heating, cooling, ventilation, distribution of electricity and water, monitoring, and much more. The property owner or the city can then integrate this new real-time data and control to, for instance, reduce climate impact, increase security, reduce costs, or create entirely new values. 

“Sensative has a strong position in the Swedish market with Yggio, while our Strips sensors are well established in a global market. With the support of Aconterra, we will now be able to take advantage of the powerful global wave of digitization that is coming in the wake of the pandemic. Our markets have now realized the need for remote control, but also to reduce human climate impact through increased automation.” says Mats Pettersson, CEO of Sensative.

“For Aconterra, Sensative not only adds an impressive building IoT system to its ecosystem, but it also serves as a bridge between smart buildings and smart cities to decrease and optimize energy and water consumption. It is answering to a clear and imminent need to help cities reduce their carbon footprint,” says Ron Schuermans, founding partner of Aconterra.

In connection with the new investment, Ron Schuermans and Nicolas Hassbjer (founder and former CEO of HMS Networks and investor in Sensative) join the board of Sensative.

About Aconterra:

Aconterra is a focused ‘Smart Building Technology’ venture capital fund. It finances and supports European early-stage companies that make buildings more intelligent and energy-efficient, safer and better to live or work in.  As an open-ended ‘evergreen’ fund, Aconterra aims for long-term value and impact while creating an ecosystem for its investors and portfolio companies. Aconterra is based in Antwerp, Belgium –

About Sensative AB:

Sensative AB is a technology company that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) for cities and commercial property markets, empowering organizations with smart technology and advancing digitalization. Sensative has two business areas; sensors in the iconic Strips form factor, and Yggio, the leading DiMS platform. Yggio, designed to be an industry standard for any domain, simplifies digitalization, enabling customers to develop comprehensive IoT operations that leverage data collection to prioritize organizational efficiency, data ownership, scalability, and performance.

Sensative, formerly a 2-time finalist on Affärsvärlden’s 33-list, was recently named one of the 50 best PropTech Startups and Scale-ups in Europe by The European PropTech Association.


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