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Sensative recognized with Frost & Sullivan 2021 award for IoT excellence


LUND 2021-11-02.

Sensative AB Frost & Sullivan Award 2021

For its portfolio of proven results, keen technology, and strong overall performance, Sensative is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award for the IoT sensors market.

Despite the ongoing push toward sustainability and digitization, various enterprises continue to operate with “dumb” technology. Specifically, property managers and owners stand to benefit from smart technology. Swedish technology company Sensative AB (Sensative) delivers these benefits through an innovative combination of its Internet of Things (IoT) Yggio platform and its Strips sensors portfolio. When working in tandem, Yggio and Strips enable buildings, homes, and even cities to address various issues, such as temperature monitoring, leak detection, and humidity checks.

Sensative’s success with its IoT solution and positive revenue outcomes continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The company and its technology offer greater value than most competing solutions.

“Frost & Sullivan finds Sensative’s Yggio and Strips sensors form an unbeatable IoT duo and pave the way for smart ecosystems on the macro (cities, municipalities) and micro (buildings, homes) scale, opening up further use cases and advancing digitalization.” – Samantha Fisher, Best Practices Research Analyst.

According to Frost & Sullivan research, IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies continue to support smart buildings and cities. To this end, properties owners (such as cities, utilities, and real estate) must reclaim data ownership to become data-driven and remain competitive. To meet such needs, Sensative developed various products such as Yggio, a future internet-ware (FIWARE)-compliant platform. This transforms multiple vertical functions to a horizontal business model using Yggio-managed infrastructure and thousands of data-driven services that are connected to application programming interfaces (API).

“Returning data ownership to the customer is a critical differentiator that well-positions the company for success. Frost & Sullivan finds that Sensative offers a robust value proposition that opens up opportunities for various industries and applications.” – Samantha Fisher, Best Practices Research Analyst.

“More and more customers realize the disruptive benefits that our Yggio platform provides. Building upon existing installed technologies and adding any IoT technology enables our customers to harvest the full benefits of digitalization. Data ownership and control is fundamental, and it is very gratifying that Frost & Sullivan recognizes this as one of our differencing strengths.” – says Mats Pettersson, CEO of Sensative.

“Sensative has a strong position in the Swedish market with Yggio, while our Strips sensors are well-established globally. We are now building upon this solid local position and bringing our technology to Europe and North America.” – continued Mats.

About Yggio DiMS
smart city by sensative

The DiMS platform connects and manages the entire property’s or city’s technical infrastructure for digitization of, for example, sensors, controls, control systems, and gateways. At the same time, it establishes open and standardized interfaces, APIs, and data models to unify all these different technologies from different vendors and their data into one management system. 

Yggio DiMS enables various data-driven applications connected to control and monitor functions such as lighting, traffic, heating, cooling, ventilation, electricity and water distribution, monitoring, and much more. The property owner or the city can then integrate this new real-time data and control to, for instance, reduce climate impact, increase security, reduce costs, or create entirely new values.

About Frost & Sullivan:

Frost & Sullivan is the Growth Pipeline Company™. We power our clients to a future shaped by growth. Our Growth Pipeline as a Service™ provides the CEO and the CEO’s growth team with a continuous and rigorous platform of growth opportunities, ensuring long-term success. To achieve positive outcomes, our team leverages over 60 years of experience, coaching organizations of all types and sizes across 6 continents with our proven best practices. To power your Growth Pipeline future, visit Frost & Sullivan at

About Sensative AB:

Sensative AB is a technology company that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) for cities and commercial property markets, empowering organizations with smart technology and advancing digitalization. Sensative has two business areas; sensors in the iconic Strips form factor, and Yggio, the leading DiMS platform. Yggio, designed to be an industry standard for any domain, simplifies digitalization, enabling customers to develop comprehensive IoT operations that leverage data collection to prioritize organizational efficiency, data ownership, scalability, and performance.

Sensative, formerly a 2-time finalist on Affärsvärlden’s 33-list, was recently named one of the 50 best PropTech Startups and Scale-ups in Europe by The European PropTech Association.



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