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March 25.2021

On the 25th of March, we will be hosting Sense1, our first international online event, a reference to our vision of global interconnectedness, and it is the first of Sensative’s many annual customer days to come. The purpose of the event is to educate and inform our clients about the latest in IoT technology, how to use IoT, and show some of all possible implementations and the following gains possible with this technology. 

The event will feature a multitude of different presentations and demos. It will also feature workshops for those who want to learn interactively with real tech at hand. Activities will span over 12+ hours in total and be held in 3 different languages spread out across the day. 

See the agenda below

Theme water

While the agenda will touch on many different IoT applications during this event, the theme of Sense1 is water. We see costs for water damages rising quickly and have noted a large interest from our customers to take preventive measures against these damages. We also acknowledge the global need to be smart with our freshwater supply. 

Therefore, our own and our partner’s presentations will mainly revolve around water cases, including our demos and workshops.

Hands-on workshops

(Available in Europe only, demo only in other regions)

To participate in the workshop, each participant will need to order a test kit from us, which will act as the “ticket” to the workshop before the event. The test-kits will contain a couple of sensors and a gateway to get started, including a trial version of our IoT platform Yggio. 

We will have five workshops and 50 participants in total, which means 10 participants per workshop. If you want to make sure that everyone in your team can participate and preferably also be in the same workshop group, please order all kits at once. Please contact Tom at to tell us how many of your staff will participate so that we can plan accordingly.

Only available in Europe


This is only the foundation of the program as we will be presenting new speakers and content continuously up until the event.
All changes will be announced on our LinkedIn and Facebook channels. 
Follow our social channels or get you ticket now for update notifications.


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