Sensative is an IoT technology company meaning that much of our web is technology oriented, but these pages are even more so.

IoT platform and services related

Yggio technology overview

The horizontal IoT integration platform for connecting smart cities, buildings and end-user services to IoT networks through ONE open API.

More than FIWARE

Sensative’s Yggio turns Open Source standards into a full IoT interoperability platform


Standards and technologies supported by Yggio IoT interoperability platform

Horizontal IoT model

From vertical lock-in silos to an open layered model. Yggio opens up the IoT architecture for Smart Cities and Buildings.

Digital Twin​

A dynamic real-time model of what’s happening in the physical world. Here we briefly this digitalization concept.

IoT sensors related

Strips Guard

Technical information about Strips Guard, its features and parameters

Strips Drip

Technical information about Strips Drip, its features and parameters

Strips Comfort

Technical information about Strips Comfort, its features and parameters

Strips Battery​

How Sensative Strips sensors achieve 10 years of battery time

Strips Comfort reporting​

Information about the light and temperature reporting algorithm.

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