sensative strips guard open/close magnetic sensor

Strips Soon Launching in the World’s Biggest Smart Home Market!

The world’s thinnest magnet sensor is now cleared for launch in the U.S.

Lund, Sweden. July 6, 2016 – (this is a copy of the press release to announce the launch of Strips in the U.S. For the release with web addresses, please contact Neal Greenspan)

Soon customers in North America can also enjoy the benefits of not seeing the sensors designed to protect their windows and doors. Strips, a magnetic sensor so thin it can often be mounted “invisibly” between the window/door and its frame, has received FCC approval. Launch in the U.S. is expected this month with Canada and Mexico following closely behind.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 which saw Strips achieve 280% of its goal and a launch in European markets in the fall, Sensative is excited to now begin offering Strips in the number one smart home market, the U.S.

Today’s smart home sensors are often difficult to mount, hard to use and intrude on the look and feel of the user’s home. Strips’ unique design changes that. Plus, with a proprietary battery, as well as hardware and software designed to be as energy efficient as possible, Strips’ battery will last up to an industry leading 10 years in normal usage.

Leading tech blogger Julie Jacobson said of Strips, “Even though security sensors are slimming down, they’re still ugly when placed on doors and windows throughout the premises, especially where there are banks of windows in a modern home. Start-up Sensative offers an invisible sensor called Strips that hides between (most) doors and windows and their frames. Somehow, this company managed to fit a Z-Wave radio and a battery lasting up to 10 years into a longish strip a mere 3mm thick.”
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No more ugly sensors! Sensative will now bring this unique solution to the U.S. and other North American markets.

About Sensative:
We’re a small smart home company located in Southern Sweden which believes in making smart home devices that make sense. We’re not only about sensors either as we are also developing an open smart home network to bring smart home technology to all. Sensative isn’t your typical start up. We’re about 14 people with varying skills and experience levels, many with more than 20 years’ from the mobile and other industries with skills such as engineering, project management, procurement, sales and marketing. We’re currently looking for partners to help launch and distribute Strips to smart home retail outlets both online and brick and mortar. If you want to learn more about Strips, please visit our website. If you are interested in becoming a Strips distributor, please contact Neal Greenspan at the information below.



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