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Signs of a maturing IoT market?

Robert Lann sales manager Sensative

Robert Lann
Sales manager
@ Sensative

For the past couple of years, IoT has been on the roadmap for technical departments. Closely related to IP-networking, senior managers or networking architects has been testing different technologies and perhaps tried measuring temperature over LoRa or something similar. 

Some organizations working with more of a traditional kind of IT-services such as fiber networks, datacenter services and such, has also perhaps succeeded in delivering one or two services to the business side.

In parallel, the business development side has been kind of ignorant or simply in the dark. Not knowing or understanding the massive opportunities laying in front of them. Up until now. When out facing our customers, we notice a slight shift in the questions and dialogues we have.

Early adopters and testing of IoT has understood that it’s not about LoRa. It’s not about what kind of sensors you use. The tech-stuff is important, but not equally important. It’s about business models and a long-term view on operations, maintenance, change processes and security.

And business architects are working on how to leverage these new enablers. How can we automate? What data could have an impact on our day-to-day decision making? How can we feed the AI with live data? Can we use different technology stacks in the same solution or have them align? Is our staff ready for change? Mr sales guy, who is your partners and can you take a broader responsibility?

As a result, Sensatives dialogue with our customers is much more relevant. Questions are rather on the business side, with a solid ack on what we are doing with Yggio.

If this trend continues, and we think it will, the future is bright for Sensative. And even more so for our customers.

– Robert



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