Strips Presence for LoRaWAN

Desk occupancy sensor

Meet the ultra-slim occupancy sensor for LoRaWAN

Occupancy sensor

Ultra-thin (3mm) design

Up to 10 year battery lifetime

Up to 10 km range

Easy installation

Sensative Strips Presence on wooden desk co working space
Strips LoRa Presence standing thin

Strips Presence for LoRaWAN is an innovative ultra-thin (3mm) active IR occupancy sensor for smart offices and buildings. Strips Presence monitors the desk occupancy rate by measuring objects and people within close range (configurable up to 50 cm). It can be mounted invisibly or highly discreetly and is very suitable for office applications such as hot-desking and similar services. 

The discreet design and easy mounting with adhesive backing make it the sensor of choice for architects and design-conscious office managers.

Strips Presence can also be used for asset monitoring such as paintings and other valuables. You also have the possibility to use the included magnetic sensor to monitor open/close of doors, windows, or drawers.

Strips Presence complemented with +Switch can be used as a slider button, for example, to order cleaning of a desk when needed. Strips Presence is part of the Strips LoRaWAN family of sensors that offer a range of up to 10 km, battery life of up to 10 years, and a very simple process of mounting and inclusion.

Default sensors

  • Active IR occupancy sensor


  • Magnet sensor

Common features

  • Sensor memory
  • Reporting based on deviation
  • Reporting based on movement
  • Alarms
  • Supports +Switch


  • Suitable for indoor usage
  • So thin (<3mm) that they can be mounted invisibly in narrow spaces to monitor the environment
  • Adhesive backing for quick and easy mounting
  • Convenient, no maintenance, no changing or charging batteries (10 years)
  • Long-range (10 km)
  • Simple installation & mounting
Product name Strips Presence for LoRaWAN
Units per package 1 pcs
Mounting method Adhesive mounting
Dimensions Sensor: 195 x 15 x 3 mm
Magnet: 12 x 2 mm
Height sensor 2.98 mm
  • Desk occupancy sensor
  • Asset management sensor
Sensor Active IR-Sensor (measures distance up to 50 cm from the sensor)

Europe (863-870 MHz)

North America (902 – 928 MHz)

Range Up to + 14 dBm output power
Rx sensitivity -137 dBm
Up to 10 km range (free line of sight)
Operating conditions For indoor use (min -30 to max +60 ° C)
Battery Built-in battery (LiMn02)
Battery life-time up to 10 years
(find our Strips battery calculator here)
Device type
Type A
Supports LoRaWAN v1.0.3


Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Sweden: SE 537 509
USA: 9,953,496
Europe Patent Pending

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