Strips Multi-sensor +Guard for LoRaWAN

Multi-sensor with open/close monitoring

Strips +Guard is a revolutionary magnetic contact sensor for monitoring windows, doors, and valuables

Open/close detection

Magnetic contact sensor

Indoor or outdoor use

Ultra-thin (3mm) design

Up to 10 year battery lifetime

Up to 10 km range

Easy installation

positioning magnet on Strips Guard for LoRaWAN
Guard LoRaWAN top

With its long battery life of up to 10 years, up to 10 km range and high quality for both in & outdoor applications it is the ideal sensor for any professional IoT applications. Strips MS +Guard is a multi-sensor that can also be used for precise temperature & LUX measurements to get a great overview of the climate in or outside of your property.

The multi-sensor functionality means that the more you realize your own specific needs, the more value our sensors will bring to your company and its operations. Implementing MS +Guard sensors is a great choice for stepping into the modern world of IoT and PropTech, energy optimization, automation, convenience services, and property protection.

+Guard profile

  • Magnetic contact sensor for Open/Close monitoring
  • Tamper alert

Also includes

  • Capacitance sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light (LUX) sensor


  • Sensor memory
  • Time based reporting
  • Deviation based reporting
  • Alarms
  • Supports +Switch
  • Suitable for in or outdoor use
Product Strips Multi-sensor +Guard for LoRaWAN


  • Magnet Sensor
  • LED indication


  • Temperature +/- 0.24 °C accuracy
  • Light 1-64000 LUX
  • Capacitance sensor
Temperature / light reporting based on deviation to save battery

Europe (863-870 MHz)

North America (902 – 928 MHz)


Up to + 14 dBm output power

Rx sensitivity -137 dBm

Up to 10 km range (free line of sight)


Sensor: 195*15*2.98 mm


  1. 30*11*1 mm
  2. Diameter 12 * 3 mm
Operating Conditions

-30 to + 60 °C

In- and outdoor usage

Power Supply

Built-in LiMnO2 battery.

Battery life up to 10 years, depending on for instance network radio quality

Magnetic range Approx. 10 mm
Device type
Type A

LoRaWAN v1.0.3



Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Sweden: SE 537 509
USA: 9,953,496 , 10,720,033
Europe Patent Pending

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