Strips Sensors for LoRaWAN

The discreet, innovative, and easy-to-use LoRaWAN sensor

Strips Multi-Sensors for LoRaWAN

Multi-sensors, including
Magnet open/close sensor for doors and windows
Accurate temperature sensor
Light (LUX) sensor

+Guard with magnetic open/close monitoring

+Drip with water leak sensor

+Comfort with air humidity sensor 

Up to

10 km range
10 years battery life

The architect’s choice

Meet the LoRaWAN range of sensors in the popular Strips form factor,  featuring ultra-slim discreet design, easy mounting, and low power consumption for long battery life. 

Strips LoRa sensors comes in different versions with unique abilities making them the ideal choice for any professional application, like Smart City or Smart Buildings.

With a custom battery that under the right circumstances lasts up to 10 years, just mount and never worry about charging or replacing batteries again. What will that mean for your maintenance costs?

The multi-sensor range


Magnet open/close sensor
Accurate temperature sensor
Light (LUX) sensor


Water Leak alarm sensor
Accurate temperature sensor

Magnet open/close sensor
Light (LUX) sensor

Multi-sensor +Comfort

Accurate temperature sensor
Humidity sensor
Light (LUX) sensor

Magnet open/close sensor

Strips Presence

Active IR Presence Sensor
Monitors if objects or people are present or absent.


Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Sweden: SE 537 509
USA: 9,953,496
Europe Patent Pending

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