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Radar sensor for LoRaWAN

with GPS positioning

The LoRaWAN radar sensor

For parking lot control or distance measuring

Parking space occupancy sensor

Distance sensor

  • Level sensor for silos etc
  • Snow level
  • Waste bin and container levels
Puck Front

Actual size

Diameter 45 mm / Height 30 mm

puck inside

Puck inside

with replaceable battery


  • 10 m radar range

  • GPS positioning

  • Temperature sensor

  • 10 years battery life

  • LoRaWAN version 1.0.4

  • LoRaWAN OTA configuration

  • Downloadable radar algorithms for various applications

  • NFC for configuration & firmware upgrades

  • IP69 with ultra-sonic welded housing

  • IP67 with replaceable battery

The Puck Radar Sensor is a sturdy device for LoRaWAN that comes in two executions of the casing. The first is an IP67 version capable of withstanding rain and other outdoor conditions, offering the option to replace the battery as it runs out. The replaceable 2.1 Ah battery lasts approximately ten years while transmitting its current position four times an hour. The other is an IP69 version with ultrasonically welded housing which removes the option to replace the battery but allows the device to be deployed in highly strenuous conditions where there might be sludge, erosion, and similar.

The device houses a 60Ghz radar sensor from Acconeer, offering a range of 10 meters and GPS positioning. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floors, or any object from where the radar signal can be placed to face an object and measure the distance between. Suggested use cases range everywhere from monitoring parking lots to snow- and wastebin/container depth monitoring. Apart from GPS tracking, the sensor also includes a temperature sensor that can be useful in monitoring snow depth or heat levels when particular objects are close to the sensor. The built-in temperature sensor can be helpful in applications like the snow depth case, and the GPS function will come in handy to track waste bins or position the parking sensor on a map.

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