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Box Radon & AirQ Sensor for LoRaWAN

Industrial-quality sensor for real-time monitoring of radon levels and indoor air quality for building automation systems

Typical applications

Indoor air quality monitoring (radon combined with CO2, temperature, and relative humidity)Smart buildings and Energy Management based on optimized ventilation and energy consumption only when sensor values are outside boundaries

Two versions

  1. Radon LoRaWAN
    with temperature, humidity sensor, and A-GPS.
  2. Radon AirQ LoRaWAN
    with integrated Advanced Gas & Comfort sensor

Connection to Building Automation Systems

The open wireless standards in Sensative Radon connect to established PLCs and SCADA systems with improved insight into Indoor Air Quality.

Through Sensative’s Yggio DiMS platform, the data can be streamed in real-time to any Building Management System for optimizations and automation.

radon mounting bracket

Mounting bracket included

radon standing
radon mounting bracket

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