SENSATIVE Announces Strategic partnership with Alliot Technologies Ltd

The new agreement will see Alliot supply Sensative’s innovative LoRaWAN sensor range throughout the UK
SENSATIVE Announces Strategic partnership with Alliot Technologies Ltd. Through this relationship, Alliot will market and distribute Strips LoRa sensors aimed at the professional market.

Sensative AB, a Swedish tech company offering IoT solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes today announces their official partnership with Alliot Technologies. The new agreement will see Alliot supply Sensative’s innovative LoRaWAN sensor range throughout the UK.

menu strips lora

“Alliot Technologies is always on the lookout for new, unique products to bring to the UK and European markets. With their unique form factor, Sensative’s LoRa Strip sensors fill a gap in the Smart Building and Cities sector. 

Thanks to Sensative, users can now maintain the overall aesthetic appearance of their buildings while monitoring a variety of factors through one smart device.”

“We are delighted to have joined forces with Sensative and look forward to working alongside them to provide new, innovative projects for our partners.” Paul Hayes, Technical Director, Alliot Technologies.

Mats Pettersson, CEO of Sensative AB, adds, “Sensative’s leading sensors offers unique capabilities for Real Estate and Smart City operations. Alliot is a leading value-added distributor and our LoRa sensors fits well in the Alliot LoRaWAN product portfolio. The company’s broad experience in sales and service to customers in all major verticals makes it a strong partner for our continued growth in the UK.”

About Sensative AB
Founded in 2013, Sensative AB is an award-winning tech company offering IoT solutions for cities and commercial property markets with a vision to empower people with smart technology. Sensative makes IoT technology accessible, affordable and usable for our customers & partners while keeping control, integrity, and security in their hands.
For more information, contact Sensative AB at or visit

About Sensative Strips
The popular Sensative Strips sensors, featuring ultra-slim discreet design, easy mounting, and low power consumption for extended battery life.

Strips sensors come in different versions with unique abilities making them the ideal choice for any professional application, like Smart Cities or Smart Buildings. With a custom battery and optimized for low power consumption that under the right circumstances lasts up to 10 years, mount and stop worrying about charging or replacing batteries again.

LoRa MS H on window

The discreet design and easy mounting make the sensor preferred choice for architects and tenants with interest in their interior design. For more information, contact Sensative AB at or visit

About Alliot Technologies
Alliot Technologies is Europe’s leading distributor of IoT products. Specialising in LoRaWAN, Alliot provides easy access to the best in class hardware, services and support to customers throughout the UK and Europe. Alliot’s vision is to simplify the set-up and ongoing management of IoT devices by providing solutions ready to be interfaced with the users’ selected IT structure through device provisioning services and support from an expert technical team.

Alliot makes IoT accessible to all, helping partners to develop their solutions from proof of concept to fully scalable commercial solutions, enabling them to take the specific piece they need to bring their projects to life. For more information, contact Alliot Technologies at or visit



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