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"It has been a fantastic week, and resulted in several investor contacts as well as potential customers and partners”
IoT must be de-cluttered to get commoditized
Sensative actively works with LoRa technology, both with Yggio and the soon-to-be-released LoRa Strips Sensors. We have now joined then LoRa Alliance.
The tug of war between property owners, tech installers, service providers and tenants over data. Who owns it and who should?
How real estate companies can minimize the risk of taking that digitalization plunge.
Sensative announces strategic partnership with Hungarian property developer Metrodom
When out facing our customers, we notice a slight shift in the questions and dialogues we have.
SENSATIVE and CIVITY implement the City Innovation Platform to help the Stockholm region to open up their data
SENSATIVE and CIVITY will provide their Smart City platforms to RISE for the development of a common Smart City standard for all cities and municipalities in Sweden.
Sensative will offer new and innovative smart home sensors compatible with SmartThings for seamless whole home automation
Strips Drip, the thinnest water leakage sensor you’ll find on the market, is officially available for sale in Europe & the US.
Axis using Strips Guard to monitor when a cash register is open or closed

Digitalization Infrastructure Management System (DiMS)

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