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Sensative x mozaiq make interoperability for smart homes and buildings


Sensative is entering a strategic co-operation with the German IoT start-up, mozaiq. The two companies will connect their respective platforms to further complement each other’s solutions. Together, Sensative and mozaiq enable more compelling services and connect a multitude of devices to fully accommodate customers within smart homes and buildings.
mozaiq allows companies to create new commercial products based on services, data and connected devices efficiently and with a manageable investment. Quick development of interoperable business models requires simple implementation of devices and services for providers. For that reason, mozaiq creates a marketplace for companies to offer their product or service with minimal effort and enables interoperability between all participants. Various combinations of such elements subsequently lead to new business opportunities. An easy to use configuration tool allows intuitive creation of interoperable business models out of those elements within minutes.

Yggio by Sensative resolves problems of today’s singular point-to-point connectivity in buildings and cities, which result in data silos that cause excessive costs and inefficiencies in managing many devices and services with different user groups. With Yggio in place, an open service market will be available through a partner network. This enables individual citizens, property owners and tenants to enjoy full control over their devices and utilities and enables various services within: facility management, energy optimization, home care services, home security, smart apartments, smart homes and more.

Yggio connectivity

For this co-operation, mozaiq will connect its growing library of IoT brands, devices and services to Sensative. Sensative’s role will be enabling different service providers within smart buildings with real time data and access to IoT devices. This will enable service providers in different fields (health-care, facility management, energy efficiency, waste management etc.) to provide improved and cost-efficient services within smart homes and buildings. Via mozaiq, consumer-facing companies create or enhance their business models, thus offering extended functionalities of their products or services.

“From our experience, the market potential of smart cities and buildings is dependent on interoperability to maximize utilization of IoT devices which
 can be shared between many different services. This creates better and more cost-efficient services for our customers. With Mozaiq on-board we are taking another step in the right direction.” Mats Pettersson, CEO Sensative. 

Both Sensative and mozaiq believe that co-creation and collaboration is the way forward in a fast-growing and constantly changing industry. Co-creation provides a greater customer value and through collaboration we make sure that we are always at the front end of the market.

“With the power of collaboration we will reach a wider group of companies seeking to provide interoperable products and services. As this joint solution rolls out, the initial focus market will be Northern Europe and will then be available all over Europe.” Axel Godoy, CEO mozaiq

Vala Zulfiu
Marketing & Communications Manager
+46 79 046 93 44

Christoph Penter
Marketing & Communications Manager
+49 175 990 18 10  



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