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System Integrators

Partners that make IoT happen

Build a profitable business and revenue stream with Sensative

Drive predictable profits while helping your customers unleash the disruptive power of IoT data by becoming a trusted Sensative partner.

System integrators, solution providers, and value-added resellers (VARs) are key components of the Sensative Partner ecosystem, supporting customers in achieving business outcomes through the resale and implementation of Sensative IoT technologies. 

Partners can either team with Sensatives‘s salesforce to develop joint engagement opportunities and go-to-market solutions or sell directly to their own prospects and customers.

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Why IoT?

First and foremost, IoT is happening now. Not in a year or two, it is going on right now. As always with technology and IT solutions, the goal is three-folded;

  1. Make organizations more effective
  2. Work with better quality
  3. Drive new revenue streams

No matter what domain or type of business you work for and with, IoT will create detailed insights into the actual state of the physical world. With that knowledge, organizations move from scheduled activities to just-in-time while at the same time not sacrificing the quality. The quality will most likely be higher. 

When your customer reaps the benefits, they will also be able to re-invent their processes and find new ways of selling services and products. They expect you to drive change and provide technical solutions.

Why Sensative and Yggio?

Extend portfolio with IoT services

Sensative’s industry-leading IoT platform Yggio and Strips sensors will expand your business opportunities and deliver profitable customer engagement opportunities.

Many integrators have their pre-packaged offerings, platforms, solutions, dashboards, analytics, services, and so on. Just add IoT to your capabilities and gain a clear-cut advantage, ahead of your competition.

If you are not into IoT integration today, this is your jump start into the “Smarts” business.

Added value to customers

Your customers likely work with many existing capabilities today. They have their data warehouse, Identity and Access Management components, web portals, apps, and domain-specific solutions such as ERP, CRM, and Project Mgmt solutions.

Our open-source based Yggio middleware fits nicely into this landscape. It includes a rich collection of development resources—including APIs and a connector SDK—to help your customers connect any IoT devices providing real-time actionable data to the existing IT architecture. Help your customers take a huge step in their digitalization journey.

Yggio can be deployed on-premises, in Sensative cloud or anywhere the customer so desires.

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Faster customer projects

Yggio comes with a library of pre-built connectors for IoT gateways from many different technologies and standards. Thanks to them, and due to the high re-usability of our open source service building blocks, you can start to generate valuable IoT data for your customers in hours instead of weeks or months. 

Install sensors, add customer legacy devices, add the gateway, and connect the service to the Yggio API. Done. Compared to the alternative of an internal project, where you might be spending unsustainable amounts of developer time on building and maintaining what would probably still be an inferior product. 

Accelerate your and your customers’ innovation.

Growth and revenue

Besides the opportunities for many new consulting contracts, partners can also earn incentives for reselling Yggio and Sensative sensors.

Partners can work with the Sensative sales teams to jointly address customer challenges.

Drive your own business model and ecosystem partnerships with our support. Sensative provide education on our services, pre-sales support, and 2nd/3rd line support.

Say goodbye to your integration problems and focus on creating customer value.


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