Sensative and Agendex partners for sustainable innovation

Sensative welcomes Agendex to OiL - the Open IoT Labs

The challenge of sustainability reporting

Large enterprises and other organizations, which report on sustainability in 193 countries, collect sustainability data from different sources and enter it manually into sustainability reports. This work is time-consuming. 

Agendex will automate the collection of historical and live data via different data sources and sensors, by using the horizontal integration platform Yggio from Sensative.  The collected data is then used to create sustainability reports and conduct resource optimisation. This approach will make such organizations more competitive and sustainable.

”Our mission is to provide the latest solutions and technologies to empower individuals and companies to create a better and more sustainable future for all”, says Agendex CEO and co-founder Marina Trattner.

Marina och Henrik Agendex

About Agendex

We provide guidance on how to communicate the economic, environmental and social impact in a clear, correct, and meaningful way. We enable organisations to take strategic and cost-effective actions by avoiding costly resource gaps.

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