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Sensative announces strategic partnership with Hungarian property developer Metrodom

LUND, SWEDEN. April 15, 2019

SENSATIVE Announces Strategic partnership with Hungarian property developer Metrodom.

Through this relationship, SENSATIVE will supply our innovative smart home sensors as standard in new Metrodom flats.

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Sensative AB, a rapidly-growing tech startup offering IoT solutions for smart cities, buildings and homes, today announces their official partnership with Metrodom, a leading property developer in Hungary.

Metrodom has always taken care to ensure that its buildings and flats not only comply with regulations but that they always are high-quality homes, using modern, future-proof technical solutions so that the flats remain state-of-the-art for years and decades to come. Therefore, it was a logical decision for us to install smart home systems in the flats in all our projects launched from 2016 onwards.

metrodom smart residential property
sensative strips guard mounted in window frame
Sensative Strips Guard mounted in a window frame

Metrodom will now install Sensative’s open/close sensors Strips Guard in all new smart homes. “The most important advantage of the new sensor is that it is perfectly flat and mounted on the window frame, making it essentially invisible. As another feature, there is no need to replace batteries in the sensor, the built-in batteries supply energy for the entire 10-year lifespan of the device,” says Gábor Zalai, CTO at Metrodom.

“The partnership with Metrodom is a break-through in Hungary for Sensative. It also represents a substantial number of sensors to be supplied to the many residential buildings and flats produced by Metrodom,” says Mats Pettersson, CEO Sensative.

About Sensative AB

Founded in 2013, Sensative AB is a rapidly-growing and award-winning tech startup offering IoT solutions for cities and commercial property markets with a vision to empower people with smart technology. Sensative makes IoT technology accessible, affordable and usable for our customers & partners while keeping control, integrity, and security in their hands.

For more information, contact Sensative AB at or visit

About Metrodom

Metrodom Group was established in 2012 primarily as a residential property developer. Metrodom has since become one of the leading companies on the Hungarian residential development market, building everything from small condominiums to large residential complexes of hundreds of units, some exceeding 1,000 homes.

For more information, contact Metrodom Kft at or visit

Link to Metrodom news flash

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