Life Finder signs investor agreement

OiL – Open IoT Labs – celebrates the member company

Life Finder Systems International AB (Life Finder) signed an investor agreement with I Love Lund AB on September 5, 2019.

This investment will make it possible for Life Finder to develop a Proof of Concept and get important market feedback for the next step of finalizing the solution and market introduction.

Life Finder is a spin-out from Sensative, basing product development on the technologies behind Strips sensors and Yggio.

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Life Finder is also a member of the OiL – Open IoT Labs

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Life Finder will provide the future of saving lives by using smart IoT solutions. Life Finder solution will generate an automatic alarm from the person in emergency. It will be activated based on e.g. water, shock, or other abnormal conditions. Critical and fast information such as position and activity will make search and rescue much faster and efficient. 

The device is extremely small, maintenance free and can be a built in to existing safety equipment, work-wear or used as a wearable.

I Love Lund AB (publ) invest and supports companies with a strong connection to Lund. The portfolio reflects the best selection of our entrepreneur-led innovation environment. 

We typically buy minority positions in companies, often with few employees, customers and with low turnover and cash flow; so-called start-ups, scale-ups and on to listed holdings. 

For more information contact Anders Schening, CEO of Life Finder.

Anders Schening

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