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Is the Path to the Digital Twin Future of Buildings Paved By APIs?

Digital twin platforms should provide an open Application Programming Interface (API) that allows any system to interact with the master Digital Twin.

Sensative’s view on this. You shouldn’t settle for a multi-twin-multi-domain-multi-supplier situation, that is just making the old school siloed systems even worse. A supplier that provides the whole end-to-end solution for a specific problem (sensor – data – storage – analytics – Twin) should actually not even be considered as a supplier if it isn’t built for data sharing from the bottom up.

“Multiple digital twins acting in unison will be complex and inevitably too complex for straightforward integration. Multiple digital twins need the tools to bring all their information together to create a “digital master” and then manage any changes to that digital master for all systems and user processes. “. This means integration on top of all twins. Why shouldn’t the “master twin” be the complete twin, making the rest of the half-baked twins obsolete?

Integration should be done very much closer to the data source so that you have ONE unified data stream to your master digital twin, disregarding IoT or legacy tech, standards, or other data sources. This is what horizontal real-time integration is all about. This is what Yggio is all about.

Integrating Digital Twins should mean that they share data sources, not that you need to create a master super twin (a twin of twins). Think about redundant data, or latency issues when twins are used for control, not only documentation.

aging in place with smart homes by sensative

Enkelt och tryggt hemma – linkoping.se

I samarbete med bostadsbolaget Stångåstaden, Utsikt bredband, Kinda kommun och forskningsinstitutet Rise, driver Linköpings kommun ett projekt som syftar till att öka möjligheterna för dig som är äldre att bo kvar i din egen bostad och leva ett självständigt och hälsosamt liv, långt upp i åren.

Sensative levererar Yggio i många olika användningsfall och miljöer med olika syften. I Linköping gör vi omsorgsrelaterade användningsfall och är en del av projektet som beskrivs här

S069X XImageX XLoRa ABIXWhiteXPaper Compliance

LoRa will be top non-cellular LPWA network technology in five years, says ABI

5G and non-cellular network technology will co-exist: In the future, LoRaWAN and 5G will co-exist in the form of hybrid networks or multi-RAN architectures.

This is one of the things that Sensative’s Yggio enables.

150529 0523 gronatak

Hyllie: how Swedish prosumption could set a precedent for smart cities

The Swedish district of Hyllie is blazing a trail for “prosumer” culture, creating a smart city that both produces and uses its own energy.

Sensative take:

A very interesting development for Smart Cities indeed. But, it is based upon that everyone installs new and latest technology, both the utility company and the BMS’s in the buildings. It is based upon the fact that this is a completely new city district, where everything is built from scratch.

The whole trick is that systems and organizations can integrate and share data in real-time to optimize supply and consumption. This puts a lot of requirements on the systems to be able to integrate and share data securely and under full control of the data owner, all for the common good of the Smart City.

When the city is not newly constructed you have a plethora of systems (or lack thereof) of different generations, technologies, standards, and incompatible suppliers. You cannot expect all these property owners and other players to completely rebuild their technologies from scratch. You need to be able to retrofit missing components while utilizing installed tech to make it economically viable.

This is the purpose of Sensative’s Yggio; to be able to install a modernization “operating system” into the smart building and city to act as the glue between old and existing tech providing the same possibilities as described in this article, but for everywhere, not only in new district developments.

pexels tyler hendy 54122 alxvmx

How has technology impacted the golf game?

Companies have introduced GPS golf carts, adjustable drivers, sensors, and smart balls.

Engineering.com highlights Sensative and our partner Sensefarm in an article about the latest and greatest tech development in golf, where we provide IoT tools for the greenkeeper.

Optimized green quality coming soon to a golf course near you….

city woman thinking connectors mesh 2012 780x371

The potential for MQTT in realizing the smart city vision – Secure Insights

MQTT is likely to play a great role in the realization of smart city goals. Learn about the potential benefits of integrating MQTT into video surveillance

In the IoT business, MQTT is a standard protocol, and Sensative’s integration platform speaks to it natively. With the MQTT ACAP software in the camera, we can extract an event/alarm – meaning utilizing the camera purely as an IoT sensor – without us ever accessing the video stream, which could be highly sensitive.

For example, we now use Axis cameras for people counting in office environments for facility management and COVID-19 related monitoring – everything is integrated in real-time into the Building Management Systems.

Using MQTT simplifies the complexity of configuring IP-networks for two-way communication and lowers the load on servers by reducing data overhead.

connected ship interview with sensative

Not perfect, but GOOD ENOUGH!

In The Connected Ship we know that knowledge sharing and visits to the real world are keen to develop innovations. It is so important to pilot technologies, which are not perfect, but with the words of Clayton Christensen, “good enough”.

Next step is THE REAL WORLD – if you are interested in transforming ideas to reality, please join our webinar on the 17th of December.

In this short video, I talk with Anders Schening from LifeFinder and Håkan Lundström from Sensative, about the transfer of knowledge and the LoRa network’s possibilities. One of the exciting findings from our ship visit with Evergas was that the modern IoT network LoRa had excellent coverage onboard a solid metal ship, an aspect essential to the project’s key elements: Enhanced data collection onboard a ship without the need to draw extensive cabling. 2: Enhance the safety onboard by monitoring the work environment and using Lifefinder devices to enhance the crew’s safety.

Sensative take: See this highly interesting interview by Nanna Thit Hemmingsen, Scientific Consultant at Maritime Development Center (MDC), where they talk about the successful test of LoRa technology on ships.

IoT connections total number of device connections min

State of the IoT 2020: 12 billion IoT connections

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the market for the Internet of Things continues to grow. In 2020, for the first time, there are more IoT connections (e.g., connected cars, smart home devices, connected industrial equipment) than there are non-IoT connections (smartphones, laptops, and computers). Of the 21.7 billion active connected devices worldwide, 11.7 billion (or 54%) will be IoT device connections at the end of 2020. By 2025, it is expected that there will be more than 30 billion IoT connections, almost 4 IoT devices per person on average.

AI in IoT.hero

We currently have no smart cities — by 2025 there’ll be 26

Spending on smart city technology is expected to reach US$327 billion by 2025, up from US$96 billion in 2019, according to a new forecast from Frost & Sullivan.

The analyst company said an uncertain post-pandemic situation will compel cities to focus on developing collaborative, data-driven infrastructure for use in healthcare, public security services and more.

Artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions are expected to be in high demand, with growing opportunities for crowd analytics, open data dashboards and digital city services.

The kind of multi-party multi-network platform that Sensative already supplies to multiple cities, municipalities, and real estate companies in Sweden. Will Sweden again take the lead when it comes to new infrastructure and communication, like when Telia, Ericsson, and Nokia (yes, they are Finns, our closest neighbor) invented mobile phones and cellular GSM networks?

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IoT-verkstad i Studio Stadshuset

Digital Humans – Projektet City as a platform bjöd i oktober på en digital workshop där både kommunanställda och andra lärde sig hur man kopplar in en sensor till Sensatives plattform Yggio. I Lund satt deltagarna i Studio Stadshuset och efter några timmars arbete skickade sensorerna värden för temperatur och eventuella vattenläckage till plattformen och taklampan i lokalen kunde styras via datorerna.

“…Det var fantastiskt att workshopen gick att genomföra digitalt trots att det är svårt att ge stöd på distans, bland annat på grund av att alla sitter på olika nätverk.”

Håkan Lundström och alla på Sensative tackar arrangörerna och deltagarna för en riktigt bra workshop!

budget report art 1400x933 1

How Much of Their Budget Should Building Managers Allot for COVID-19 Cleaning? | Propmodo

Commercial building managers are planning to increase COVID-19 cleaning budgets in 2021.

…Over half of the respondents expected a 10 percent or more increase in cleaning expenses. This was twice as much as the second-highest category, tenant engagement, which also could be due to increased need for communication around cleaning…

While this bump in budget for cleaning expenses is understandable, it might not be necessary. Even before the shutdown, most cleaning procedures were only optimized to about 65 percent of their potential output, now with lower occupancy that is more like 25 to 30 percent. Even with additional spot cleaning needs, we are finding that many buildings already have enough staff to handle their needs…

Sensative comment: Since it all comes down to optimizing resources you need detailed data on where and when cleaning is needed. Check out the Sensative cleaning-on-demand sensor solution: https://sensative.com/iot_use_cases/post-covid-19-clean-desks-on-demand/

Covid19 cleaning desk 1030x687 1

COVID-19 sætter nye krav til rengøring af moderne arbejdspladser

Har I udfordringer med at håndtere det særlige rengøringsbehov på storrumskontorer med free seating, som COVID-19 har udløst? Med IoT har I mulighed for at sikre en effektiv rengøring af den enkelte arbejdsplads.

Tidligere har det kun været nødvendigt at registre om et skrivebord var ledigt eller ej, når medarbejderne i kontorer med free seating skulle finde en arbejdsplads. I dag er det nødvendigt at virksomheden kan sikre rengøring af skrivebordet, når en medarbejder forlader en plads og den skal stå klar til den næste bruger.

Det är Sensatives covid-lösning make:net a/s pratar om 🙂

Post-COVID-19 – Clean desks on-demand


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