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Just Because We’re Quiet, Doesn’t Mean We’re Not Progressing!

It’s been a while since we published a blog. When you get close to launching your product, it seems like there is an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done and well, blogging kind of gets pushed down on the list. However, we want to keep in touch, so here are some highlights of what we have been and are up to!

Our crowdfunding campaign ended on October 9th with a grand total of $69,924 raised, 280% of our goal. 148 people contributed and more than 21,700 people visited our campaign. To say this was a success would be an understatement. Now we begin the process of manufacturing Strips and fulfilling the perks.

We are currently in the middle of the Z-Wave plus certification process and it’s going well. A few minor issues have been found and corrected, but this is to be expected and we anticipate good news on the certification front shortly. We have already been CE certified which means Strips is very close to being able to be sold in Europe!

Sensative was represented at the 2nd Internet Of Things day in Lund where we not only showed off Strips but also discussed our impressive progress with our open smart home network solution, SHAPE. You’ll hear a lot more about this in 2016.

We are thrilled to report that Strips is among the 4 finalists nominated by Securityworldhotel.com for their 2015 Detektor International Awards Alarm & Detection! You can read more about the award and when they will announce the winners here.

Planning an upcoming trip to the U.S. to attend a Z-Wave Alliance Developer and Marketing forum as well as meeting with some strategic partners is taking up a good bit of time. A very important pitch to prospective customers is also a part of the journey. More news about that to follow.

Our smart home network SHAPE is shaping up to be a disruptor in the market. Sensative already has many interested partners who believe that these networks should be open and flexible, as do we. Currently, about half of the Sensative team is working hard on the programming and development of this groundbreaking service.

Yes, we’ve been quiet but as you have just read, we are making progress! We are working hard to get Strips certified and to market as well as build Sensative into a company whose voice will be heard in the smart home branch. But, we’re also taking the time to have fun and build our team.

On October 16th, about 10 of us got together to shoot some pool and spend some time with each other outside of our office space. It was a fun evening with some trash talk, beer and really awful pool shooting. The best I can report is that it’s a good thing Team Sensative is MUCH better at engineering, design, project management, programming, sourcing, sales, marketing and communications than we are at shooting pool!



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