Sustainable and Robust Energy Systems Of The Future

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Sustainable and Robust Energy Systems Of The Future

The projects goal is to increase knowledge about how the urban energy system of the future can become more resource efficient, robust and contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions.  

The solutions presented are partly on a technical level, but in addition, the consequences for various actors in the city are specified and what the needs are for smart energy solutions to be implemented on a broad front. This includes both legal, policy and business development, as well as end-user perspectives to gain acceptance for new solutions.  

Recommendations will be developed for how synergies of different businesses’ energy needs can be combined in urban planning and how building actors can contribute to a future robust and resilient energy system in the construction of new properties and businesses. A techno-economic understanding of new solutions for the energy system is required, which IVL works actively in the heating segment. 

Read more (in Swedish):–miljo/klimat-miljo-och-hallbarhet/projekt-inom-miljo-klimat-och-hallbarhet/smart-och-klimatneutralt-lund-2030/


Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with our IoT expertise. 

Participants: IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, Eco pilot, Siemens AB, Sensative AB, ElectriCITY Innovation EK, Sydö Property Aktiebolag, Veidekke Bostad AB, Wihlborgs Kunskapen 1 AB, Wästbygg Projektutveckling AB, and Midrock AB.​

External funding: Energimyndigheten

Duration: September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2021

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