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Smart Parking Monitoring with IoT Parking Sensors


These days, an increasing number of vehicles compete for the space in our rapidly growing cities. The middle-class stratum is increasing exponentially worldwide, and the standard for such households typically include ownership of private vehicles. More recent eco-friendly alternatives, such as electric cars, further fuel this growth as they encourage previously hesitant drivers to purchase vehicles. Additionally, we now see a range of smaller electrically powered vehicles, such as electric scooters, that require no license to drive, resulting in a substantial increase in traffic and vehicle amount in cities.

Vehicles challenging the city infrastructure

The city infrastructure’s Tetris-like balancing game is being strongly challenged to ensure ample space for all these vehicles. Now, more than ever, it is essential to maintain an overview in real-time of vacant or occupied parking spaces and to optimize all spaces based on an extensive and detailed collection of behavioral data.

Modern smart parking garages are being overly strained due to a lack of monitoring and public information on alternative parking spaces. This development quickly leads to more public spaces being designed to host vehicles, resulting in overspending on such construction projects while the public’s recreational areas suffer. The result is a faulting, non-optimized, usage of city space, of which the value grows daily.

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Smart Parking: An essential component

What societies need is proper monitoring of all available public parking spaces; a vital component in modernizing cities’ traffic management as a whole. Not only is the concept of smart parking a necessity for municipalities’ infrastructure management, but also for private commercial actors to ensure maximum revenue from their available spaces.
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Smart parking sensors is the key component here, helping companies and municipalities to optimize revenue, plan reconstructions, and understand when new parking space needs to be offered. By placing a parking sensor, such as Sensative’s Puck Radar, it becomes easy to monitor any parking space usage.

The collected information from sensors allows parking space owners to easily report on available or occupied spaces to potential users via digital information boards, apps, or websites. Such reporting is essential for tourism and commerce in a busy city as many visitors daunt the idea of spending too much time painfully searching for parking spaces.

The Puck Radar smart parking sensor

The Puck Radar smart parking sensor is built on open technology and communicates via LoRaWAN, allowing it to be utilized with a range of open parking monitoring systems. It has a range of up to 10 meters while the user will decide the actual search distance. Batteries last up to 10 years and can be replaced in the IP69 version of the housing, resulting in an investment that will outlast future technological developments.

With GPS positioning included, it is easy to get an overview of all parking spaces and their status in the monitoring system. Furthermore, the included temperature sensor can alarm when heat or cold reaches alarming levels in parking spaces.

Puck radar smart parking sensor from sensative

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