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Indesmatech is a North European technology and advisory company. The company is a Sensative partner, acting as a reseller of both Sensative hardware and software. Indesmatech’s focus lies in offering supplies through their webshop to manufacturers, consulting R&D services and helping with implementation, and acting as agents for semiconductor supplies. Indesmatech is also a key partner for LoRaWAN and a heavy advocate for its use.

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Why LoRaWAN?

Indesmatech’s Søren Manicus explains that the significant factors here are openness and range vs. power demand. 

Freedom of choice

With LoRa, manufacturers create all technology based on open source. If you want technology that is open source end-to-end, then you will find LoRaWAN to be your powerhouse after you filter out the others that cannot offer the same versatility. Søren explains that “from chip to modules to sensors to gateways,” and so on, the user has total freedom of choice to choose between all available LoRaWAN technology. Not only can the user choose freely among which technology to implement, but it also has the ability to make its own product from scratch to run on a LoRa-network.

Pressure for quality

Søren adds that this freedom is a double-edged sword for companies. This freedom of choice makes users very unrestrained, hindering suppliers from locking in these customers to their technology. Such an openness creates a more competitive climate for production companies, driving them to create the best technology possible to stay relevant on the market. 

Range vs. power needs

With its low power requirements (25 milliwatts) and significant range, LoRaWAN is ideal for IoT technology communication. In the video, Søren shares how he and colleagues ran tests in Denmark, where they directly interacted with gateways close to 100 kilometers away.

Use case

One of Indesmatech’s danish customers is Aalborg Municipality who has implemented Sensative’s MS +Guard sensors at a school with excellent results. As the MS +Guard sensor is ideal for monitoring if windows, doors, cabinets, and similar are open or closed, 200 of these sensors were placed on doors and windows around the school to monitor if anything was open at the wrong time.

Direct savings

As the school already had staff patrolling daily to check if all windows and doors were closed when school ended, it was easy to predict a monetary saving on person-hours when this could now be controlled online via a platform. The walk would usually take 1-2 hours each day, so a simple calculation of €15 per hour, two hours a day, and 20 days a month equals €600 a month.

Data value

Apart from saving on person-hours, the school will also have a much greater view over their property. Such an overview means that they can, for example, receive alarms to the platform when someone opens certain doors or windows so that they can detect when the wrong people enter an area or if anything else outside of normalcy occurs. The data collected can also be valuable for simply seeing behavioral patterns in the facilities, acting as a foundation for reconstruction planning, maintenance, and more.

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