sensative yggio manage information overflow

How to manage IoT information overload

sensative yggio manage iot data overflow

Digitalization has led to an exponential increase in the amount of data generated. However, analyzing such an immense amount of data can be challenging, especially with massive IoT, where thousands or hundreds of thousands of devices send data to monitor and analyze on the fly, where you need to find anomalies and places where your operations can improve. Finding valuable insights from such data can be like finding a needle in a rapidly moving haystack.

Alarms are, of course, pushed for immediate attention and action, but how do you monitor things that are just a bit off? That the building is not on fire, just some unnecessarily warm spaces costing you money?

Real-time analytics and visualization come to the rescue in such a scenario. These tools enable operation managers to extract meaningful information from large data sets in real time, allowing them to identify patterns, anomalies, and trends as they emerge.

Yggio’s Dynamic Dashboard is perfect for this task. You can focus on working with the latest data-driven insights as they unfold and make intelligent decisions swiftly. With fresh, clean data presented in an accessible format, you are immediately informed about new anomalies occurring, such as a rise in temperature in a building.

By interacting with Yggio’s dynamic data visualizations and smart filtering, you can drill down into the data immediately and then take swift action, such as calling in service staff or changing operational parameters if you can manage your building remotely. Real-time data analysis enables you to remain responsive and proactive, which is vital to optimize your operations. 

Yggio’s dynamic real-time dashboard enables: 

  1. Better decisions 
  2. Improved responsivity 
  3. Enhanced internal communication 
  4. Better end-customer experiences

Easy-to-use features

  • The dashboard device view displays real-time visualization and color coding of any value as either standard, progress bar, or progress circle via “Customize columns.”
  • You can easily create deviation-based live dashboards with timer-controlled auto-refresh by setting customized columns and defining custom queries. This smart filtering goes way beyond simple alarms and event notifications.
  • Auto-refresh enables the dynamic selection of devices to display based on the filters. When it refreshes, it will remove the devices that don’t match the display filter and show all that now matches, making the dashboard completely dynamic.
  • When you create the perfect view for a specific task, you can save it for easy access or sharing.

Some examples

(click to enlarge)

Show all temperatures below 20 °C

Show all temperatures above 22.5 °C



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