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City of Stockholm, Smart, Sustainable, Urban Development

A Sensative City Empowered By Yggio

The City of Stockholm has a solid strategy and ambitious plans for a “smart and connected city”, available  here

Stockholm Royal Seaport, SRS, has even tougher sustainability goals than the rest of the city, and these are tracked and published annually as part of the goal steering process. 

However, this is currently a manual process due to the unavailability of data making it cumbersome and inefficient. The end result is a mere snapshot of the situation and very slow progress to achieve the ultimate goal.

Sensative delivers

Sensative provides the IoT integration platform Yggio. All data goes through this platform and is also available here.

Sensative’s platform will be integrated with service providers and data sources, such as Metry’s platform for energy data (eg electricity and district heating).

Sensative executes all operations, manages server environments, handles access control and security issues, and remains responsible for APIs used by all service providers, as well as translation into selected formats.

Stockholm's requirements

Applications and services

Each committee or board is responsible for its applications and services that are linked to the smart city. They are also responsible for the purchase, operation, management and lifecycle management of IoT devices, such as sensors or controllers.

Open IoT platform

The technical architecture must enable cross-functional sharing of data between applications, services and IoT devices between committees and companies within the city of Stockholm. It must also be possible to publish open data so that it can be used by external actors.

The project

Based on the insights resulting from thematic focus groups conducted by Stockholm Royal Seaport, sustainable urban development will identify concealed data sources and make them available to the city administration to guide goal monitoring and future steering. Specifically, the project will enable the following:

  • Support the development of the administration by converting analogue data into digital processes (“applied IoT”)
  • Convert the collected data into the appropriate context and process it in a way that adds value to the administration, citizens, industry and academia
  • Visualize data in a user-friendly and relevant way for various uses and purposes in real time
  • Ownership and management of the collected data will be unambiguous throughout the lifecycle

At the same time we are applying a modular and open framework for a shared IoT/data platform (Yggio by Sensative) with well defined, standardized interfaces to make it simple for data producers and data consumers to connect to the platform. The framework for the platform will be synchronised with the city’s strategy.

To guide the development of the technology that enables the smart city, seven strategic principles have been developed by the City.

Available in Swedish here.

Final results

Visit https://www.norradjurgardsstaden2030.se/innovation-project/connected-srs/ for a summary of the results and a video presentation (in Swedish)



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