Smart Building

Proprietary lock-in is the past, open IoT is the future

The massive adoption of the Internet of Things, data-driven analytics and machine learning in smart building applications is setting the stage for the buildings digital twin. This will revolutionize the way in which building owners and operators construct, maintain, analyze, and optimize the uses of assets and tenants in their buildings.

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The twin is constructed so that it can receive input from sensors gathering data from its real-world counterpart. This allows the twin to simulate the physical object in real time, offering control of performance and insights in potential problems. 

In the life cycle of a building, maintenance costs largely exceed the construction costs. Digital twin is an important platform enabling predictive maintenance which is key to optimize life-cycle costs and maximize property value. Because predictive maintenance keeps building systems running and in good condition, the equipment operates more efficiently. The life expectancy of the equipment is also extended, with longer maintenance and replacement intervals.

A commonly used rule of thumb says that a $1 increase of NOI (Net Operating Income) will result in an increase of $20 in property value.


Combining existing control systems with new Internet based services

Considerable effort has been made to digitize and turn our buildings and homes “smart”, but much of the focus has been on installing a plethora of sensors, controllers, cameras and other devices, with no real way to interconnect them.

There are many proprietary solutions where the suppliers provide a full solution, everything from sensors to the end-user app, limiting the functionality and expandability to the chosen technology.

It’s not uncommon to find several sensors all measuring the same thing, all from different vendors using different apps. Inefficient, inflexible, costly, and very difficult to expand and build new services upon.

Truly open IoT​

Sensative’s open IoT platform Yggio empowers property owners, facility managers, and tenants, by providing real-time data from multiple sources and standards, creating the foundation for the building’s digital twin.

Yggio acts as an intermediate integration layer between services and connected assets, sensors, and networks, enabling multiple users and services to use data generated by both shared and private IoT devices.

Yggio horizontal building.190117

Yggio already supports Z-wave, BACnet, M-Bus, LoRa, Bluetooth, LTE NB-IoT, and more, and new protocols are being added continuously.

home care

Connecting residents and 3rd party service providers

facility mgmt

Lowering the cost of facility management

mobile workforce

Enabling a mobile workforce with real-time information


Allowing facility managers the freedom to choose

Empowered by data​​​

To reap the tremendous benefits of new smart technology property managers must be able to connect varying technologies and network standards into a common, unified, platform, creating a complete, real-time view of the building. Yggio provides a virtual digital twin, the foundation for effective management and new life-improving services.

Control of data is the key.

For now, and the future​​

It’s difficult to predict exactly which sensors will be used over the next 10 years, who will build them, what technical standards will be adopted, where data will be stored, and who it will be served to.

Yggio is the platform that integrates present and future standards allowing focus on the development of the digital twin, continuous delivery of existing and evolved services.

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