Optimizing office space ROI

Streamline operations with IoT starter-kit from Sensative

IoT is not only about technology itself. It’s about putting new technology and data to work.

To do this can mean a steep learning curve, large initial investments, and extended projects. But it doesn’t have to be. With a pre-packaged and preconfigured IoT starter-kit, you can focus on digitalization and streamlining operations with full ROI control, quickly reaping digitalization benefits.

Get started with IoT in three simple steps

  1. Measure occupancy of desks and meeting rooms
  2. Visualize availability to increase usage
  3. Control and manage the office remotely

Increased value: €20,000 per year

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It is all about knowing

Research shows that desks are vacant 40-45% of the regular office hours. Usage might decrease even more as an effect of the pandemic when organizations learn how to operate with many employees working from home as “the new normal.” This drives a growing need for flexible and efficient office spaces and accelerates the demand for flexible short-term contracts, high service level, and excellent tenant experience, driving the business from traditional long-term leases to space-as-a-service (SPaaS).

The average value of a fixed desk is usually between €8,000 – €10,000 per desk. Turning a fixed desk to a flexible desk with remote management can increase the occupancy rate and thus, revenue per desk.

One kit - thousands of possible solutions

Sensative provides IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that will make it easy to monitor and increase the occupancy rate in any office. With discreet sensors from Sensative, that are easily mounted by the facility manager collects the data of which desks that are occupied or available, so you can focus on managing the operations and providing excellent tenant experience. 

It does not stop there. By using Sensative solutions, it is easy to scale and build your data-driven business. Based on the starter kit, it is easy and affordable to add more buildings and use cases with strong ROI.

The technology

We install the IoT connectivity net with standard protocols such as LoRaWAN, already today supported by thousands of companies and opens up for a variety of digital sensor services connected to the building. 

A cloud-based service gathers the sensors’ data, providing an overview as well as detailed information of humidity levels and temperatures in the building.

How to get started in 30 days

Week 0: Order

Order online, request a quote or contact us.

Fill in documentation regarding the use-case and current performance.

Week 1: Planning
Plan the installation. 

If you need access to spaces, then make sure to start booking time & date in advance. 

Week 2: Delivery 

Within ten days from the order, we will ship a pre-configured starter-kit, with detailed instructions on how to get started with the IoT platform Yggio and how to mount the gateway and devices.

We will also schedule a 1-hour training session to go through Yggio to make sure you get a smooth start. 

Week 3: Installation 

For a facility manager, we expect it to take 1-2 hours to set everything up. 


Two months after the order, we will schedule a follow-up session to make sure everything works smoothly and prepare for the next step on your digitalization journey.


Evaluation kit

Small kit

Large kit

Article number

PAC 11 009

PAC 11 010

PAC 11 011

Pre-configurated LoRaWAN gateway

1 Indoor

(Ethernet, 4G optional)

1 Indoor

(Ethernet, 4G optional)

2 Indoor

(Ethernet, 4G optional)

Pre-configurated devices

3 Strips LoRa Presence

15 Strips LoRa Presence

35 Strips LoRa Presence

10 Strips LoRa MS-H

Type of data

Detect the presence of people and objects up to 40 cm.

  • Desk occupancy sensor
  • Asset management sensor

Detect the presence of people and objects up to 40 cm.

  • Desk occupancy sensor
  • Asset management sensor

Detect the presence of people and objects up to 40 cm.

  • Desk occupancy sensor 
  • Asset management sensor

optionable (SW config)
activity (open/close)


Yggio Location Manager with simple to use tools, can export data in .csv format


access to all functionality and data through the API, supports fastAPI (Sweden)


create actions based on real-time data (e.g. email alert and notification)

Online Education

1 hour

1 hour

2 hours

IoT Consultation


2 hours

5 hours

Installation manual (PDF)




Yggio Cloud License¹

6 months test license

12 months

12 months

Nr of users




Nr of connected devices





Standard (8-17)

Standard (8-17)

¹including the same number of connected devices as in the starter-kit.

For extended volumes please contact us for a quotation.