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First smart senior apartments using Yggio launched in Halmstad

On the 31st of January, 6 recently constructed smart apartments were launched for senior citizens through the collaboration between: Home care service (hemvårdsförvaltning), Halmstad City Network (stadsnät), Halmstad Fastigheter (HFAB). Sensative and its partner FMTechnology have worked together to make these newly built apartments smart. The open platform solution Yggio, provided by Sensative, will offer digital and improved services that create a greater sense of security, assurance and comfort for the tenants.
Yggio resolves problems of today’s singular point-to-point connectivity, which result in data silos that cause excessive costs and inefficiencies in managing many devices and services connected to both commercial and private properties.
Yggio lets property owners and tenants enjoy full control over their devices, utilities and services in buildings, eliminating excessive costs and inefficiencies. Technology and service partners use the open Yggio platform and service marketplace to rapidly deliver service applications within facility management, healthcare, home care services, home security, smart apartments, smart homes and more. 
Yggio connectivity
One of Yggio’s Service Provider partners is FMTechnology, offering smart facility management services. Through FMTechnology’s smart solution, tenants will be able to stay connected to the apartment thus helping them be safe in their daily routines. Using the same platform and solution, the health care service provider can be granted access and also stay connected to what is happening inside the apartment and provide an improved service for senior citizens.

For more information please contact: info@sensative.com 



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