Axis and Sensative

Sensative Strips and Axis now work flawlessly together

Sensative is proud to announce our newest partner, Axis Communications.

Combine Strips Guard Door/Window Sensors or Strips Drip water sensors with Axis Cameras to accommodate unique situations where bulky sensors won’t fit, opening up a new world of possibilities. Check out the latest video from the Fort Lauderdale Axis Experience Center.

sensative strips guard mounted in window frame

Cash drawers aren’t the only small spaces Strips can fit. Due to the unique slim design and up to 10 year battery life add Strips as activity sensors to signal video when a painting is moved or a jewelry box has been opened. Strips literally pay for themselves by eliminating the need to deploy expensive resources to change batteries every few years.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg for Axis and Strips. Due to Strips unique sealed design and ability to function flawlessly in extreme temperatures (-20°c to +40°c), Strips can be placed either indoors or out. Sensors can be placed on outdoor gates or garage doors, signaling Axis cameras to pan and record video when exterior doors or gates open.

And that’s not all! With Sensatives’ newest water sensing Strip called Drip, water can be detected in even the tiniest spaces, under dishwashers, clothes washers and water heaters to detect moisture where traditional larger sensors won’t fit. Pair a Strips Drip with an Axis camera to be instantly alerted to a leak and view video of the area to determine the level of imminent danger.

Strips pair flawlessly directly to the internal Z-Wave gateways in Axis cameras, eliminating the need to include an additional gateway in your installations. Elevate your customer experiences to the next level with the ultimate combination, Axis and Strips!

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