Sensative's IoT development lab

IoT Products

Sensative staff has the experience you need in developing sensors and other products based on Z-Wave and LoRa. Several in the team have also developed both mobile products and Bluetooth / BLE products.

What we can do for you

  1. Develop your IoT concept/solution
  2. Add IoT to existing product
  3. Development of a new IoT product
  4. Expert IoT Consulting
  5. Strengthen your IoT project team
IoT development services

IoT Services

​​Sensative can help you develop IoT based services for ex. smart homes, smart real estate, smart city or smart care. By having our own developed and highly versatile IoT platform (Yggio) as a base, we can quickly and easily and at a relatively low cost develop your IoT services.

What we can do for you

  1. Develop your IoT concept/solution
  2. Develop your IoT service
  3. Expert IoT Consulting
  4. Workshops & Seminars

Some projects

FM Technology​

Smart home and smart building management application.  

One example of where FM Technology has implemented the IoT product developed by Sensative was with the Swedish house manufacturer Myresjohus. 

Lund Open City Sensor Network​

Created an open & exploratory smart city platform with LoRa connectivity and an open API which created a foundation for smart city service innovations in the city of Lund. 


Based on the Lund Open City Sensor Network, Sensefarm has connected their vertical service for Smart Farming through Yggio. Data from the LoRa sensors  are received by the city network through Yggio and sent to Sensefarm’s web application to make it easily interpretative.