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+Switch Strips addon

+Switch is an addon for our Strips LoRaWAN sensors, also compatible with our Strips Comfort 700 for Z-Wave. Customers can use the addon to add on/off functionality to the sensors to be used as switches (e.g., for lights), to send instructions (e.g., clean this desk in the Covid use case), and more.

connected ship by sensative and LifeFinder
The goal of the Connected Ship project is to develop and implement a horizontal ship digitalization platform to connect the different digital automation systems and IoT sensor networks across different communication standards on board a ship
anomaly detection by Sensative Machine Learning
The project will, with the help pf Machine Learning and AI algorithms, identify common sensor problems for the most interesting sensors in agriculture, including sensors for temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind in weather stations, sensors for soil temperature and humidity, etc. 

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