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LoRaWAN and IoT

The LoRaWAN radio communication protocol has become a staple in the world of IoT devices. At Sensative, we early on realized the value of LoRaWAN for any commercial IoT project as the protocol’s capabilities suit how customers often use the technology. For example, vast distances or challenging environments require a sturdy and reliable communication protocol, and small data amounts allow for devices to be wireless as they can be battery-powered. 

Why use LoRaWAN

In case after case, the LoRaWAN radio communication protocol has shown itself to be incredibly versatile and reliable. Our partners and Sensative have many live cases where we verify that data is stably transmitted with tens of kilometers between Strips and gateways, deep in huge freighting ships, and other unusual and challenging conditions.

As an increasing number of actors realize the value of LoRaWAN, the worlds’ LoRaWAN networks are ever-increasing in numbers and expanding in size. With actors having a high interest in co-development and exchange, LoRaWAN stands for an open vision of the future where cooperation enables growth for all.

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