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Smart building technology seems inevitable. More and more the idea of having a connected, intelligent building has been gaining attention from owners who seek to drive greater asset value, respond to expectations from tenants, and address a general desire to optimize and automate manual processes.  The benefits are pretty obvious. Smart buildings can have improved financial performance while also differentiating the assets.

But, it has become clear that not all real estate firms are making progress and adopting smart building technology at the pace you would expect. The reason is that many are unsure of where to start and how to establish a strategy to deploy these modern technologies.  […]

At Sensative we couldn’t agree more with this article and it’s conclusions. Smart Buildings represents a big change in how you manage a property. It will also change how you build your business.

Our platforms and tech are all designed in accordance with our philosophy: “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast”. This enables a real estate owner to start with a pilot, for instance, measure something specific in all properties, like the temperature. Or, on the other hand, test a lot of new services and technologies in a specific building.

What the first step should be is highly dependant on the owner and the portfolio. How to recommission? How to add new IoT, instead of replacing legacy and maybe aging systems? What are my operational pain-points?

This makes our offering so appetizing. Whatever the starting point for going into Smart Buildings, and vision where it will take you, our solutions provide the necessary flexibility for a successful digitalization.

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