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Creating a “Data Economy” in the Property Industry | Propmodo

Creating a “Data Economy” in the Property Industry | Propmodo

Buildings themselves will start to become massive data creators, just like your computer or router. Starting from construction to demolition, buildings continuously create data. There are sensors that can monitor concrete (yes concrete) strength, temperature, and relative humidity. There are sensors available that can cost effectively measure heat, air quality, traffic, occupancy, you name it. This comes at a cost but it can answer important nagging questions for every building such as “which stairs and elevators are used most?” Or, “which pumps get overheated during peak times?”

Sensative take: The data economy is happening. Slowly and step by step. First, it’s the low hanging use cases like optimizing, automation and reducing cost. Then comes the innovations that exploit the value of the data in new services and business models that will transform the world as we know it. When should you jump on the train? Because it will soon leave the station.



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