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8 ways smart tech is transforming commercial buildings

8 ways smart tech is transforming commercial buildings

Smart technologies are introduced in many ways into buildings and the real estate business. This article highlights quite a few interesting projects.

However, on what technology and suppliers should you bet your money? How do you take the first steps with minimum risk?

Buildings are already technology-rich, with control systems for power, heating, ventilation, security, and so on. Most often these systems are completely separated from each other with locked in silos of data. The trick is to take all the data and re-utilize it in new ways to gain optimization and financial advantages.

Sensatives Yggio platform integrates all these vertical silos into a new horizontal platform, opening up all data, both historical and live real time. No need to invest in new hardware or control systems. One common API to the building and all it’s legacy systems, minimizing the risk of “going smart”.

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