FIWARE at SCEWC 2019 – YouTube
This year’s edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) has come to a close, and we can look back on a fantastic, informative, engaging, and above all, fruitful event. FIWARE Foundation headed to Barcelona in November with 16 exhibitors, the Smart World by FIWARE and a lot of motivation to show the world what we – the FIWARE Community, are doing to help cities throughout their transformation journey, by adopting common standard APIs and information models.
In this video, you will find two scenes with Robert & Morgan from Sensative. The first where we just signed our partnership with ATOS, and the second when we sign up as Gold Partner of the Fiware Foundation.
Strips review by Automate Your Life

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Strips review starts at about 3.30.

“The easy pairing process…”

“…incredibly reliable…”

“…due to the thinness, I’ve been able to put them in the strangest situations in my home…”

“… let my smart speaker tell me when my fridge or freezer door is open…”

Sensative Strips Tür- und Fensterkontakt – Vorgestellt, eingebaut und angelernt

Hallo, heute stelle ich Dir den Sensative Strips Tür- und Fensterkontakt vor. Wir lernen diesen gemeinsam im Home Center an und montieren ihn beispielhaft an einer Schiebetür in meinem Haus. Viel Spaß!

Hier geht es zum dazugehörigen


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Youtube video by Intelligentes Haus

Sensative Strips – Unboxing und Review

Die Sensative Strips Tür- und Fensterkontakte sind praktisch unsichtbar. Ich packe sie zusammen mit euch aus und richte sie in Home Assistant ein.

Die Akzeptanz von Technik ist immer größer, wenn sie unsichtbar im Hintergrund verschwindet. Wohl aus diesem Grund wurden die Sensative Strips entwickelt. Diese Z-Wave Sensoren werden in die Fenster geklebt und verschwinden so unsichtbar für alle. Lediglich bei geöffnetem Fenster sind diese flachen Sensoren erkennbar.

Genau aus diesem Grund habe ich mir welche gekauft und möchte ich in diesem Video zeigen wie sie genau aussehen und wie ihr diese in Home Assistant (einer der besten Heimautomatisierungssoftware auf dem Markt) einrichten könnt.

Youtube video by teqqyde

HOW TO Sensative Strip Z-wave Sensor + EcoBee3 + SmartThings + Stringify+ Wink Hub 2

Today I’m going to review and setup the Strips by Sensative invisible door and window sensor.

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Osram Lightify RGBW LED Strip:

The Strips sensor is a battery operated z-wave plus device that has an incredibly low profile that can be used indoors or out. Most sensors are big and bulky. But not the Sensative Strips.

The sensor communicates to your hub using the z-wave plus protocol. One advantage to this is that the strip can be an extended distance from the hub since z-wave allows you to use other powered devices, like switches and lights, as repeaters.

At the time I recorded this video, the Sensative strip is not supported by the Wink Hub or Wink Hub 2. However, the Sensative Strip does work with Fibaro Home Center 2, Fibaro Home Center Light, Vera Edge, SmartThings and a few others. So, I’m going to connect this to my SmartThings Hub.

Now that this is installed, I want to connect this into Stringify so that I can do some other cool things. When the window is open, I’m going to trigger a stringify flow to turn on my TV backlight to Green. At the same time, it will automatically place my Ecobee3 smart thermostat to a setting that widens my high and low comfort setting range, which will prevent the thermostat from being too sensitive.

As I’ve mentioned before, one cool thing about creating your custom DIY smart home is that you can save on energy costs. When the sensor is triggered, it sends the notification over to Stringify. Stringify, in turn, runs a flow that controls lights that are controlled by my Wink Hub.

YouTube video by DIY Smart Home Guy

Strips Door Window Sensor for SmartThings

Strips by Sensative. It’s a Door and Window Sensor for SmartThings. It’s super thin and if you can fit a quarter into the gap where you want to put it, it will fit! Watch for fitting on my front door where a regular sensor simply looks ugly.

Youtube video by David McCabe

Door / Window Sensative Strips SENE1110 – Распаковка

Приобрести Sensative STRIPS можно по ссылке –… Датчик открытия двери/окна Sensative STRIPS ― это самый тонкий беспроводной магнитный датчик для дверей и окон в мире! Предназначен для мониторинга и защиты состояния окон или дверей и отправки отчетов данных на контроллер Z-Wave. Датчик может быть установлен практически незаметно на рамах дверей или окон.

Youtube video by Z-Wave Украина