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Ta en titt på denna popup där Johan Wester resonerar med ett antal ledande experter inom AI och agtech, bland annat Sensatives VD Mats Pettersson.
A great little animated video by Fiware, explaining the power of Smart Mobility as a Service. All enabled by the FIWARE Open Standard for Smart Cities.
See this highly interesting interview by Nanna Thit Hemmingsen, Scientific Consultant at Maritime Development Center (MDC), where they talk about the successful test of LoRa technology on ships
In this video, you will find two scenes with Robert & Morgan from Sensative. The first where we just signed our partnership with ATOS, and the second when we sign up as Gold Partner of the Fiware Foundation.
Thanks for a great Sensative Strips review.
Youtube video review of Strips by Sensative by teqqyde
Strips video review by David McCabe
Video review of Strips Guard By Sensative - The invisible door and window sensor.

Digitalization Infrastructure Management System (DiMS)

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