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When it comes to smart homes and wireless standards, Zigbee and Z-Wave are two of the most widely used in the market. Both have benefits over more common wireless standards like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and each have their own unique benefits when compared to each other.

Updates in the Zigbee and Z-Wave standards are aiming to make adoption of smart home device easier and more seamless.

This is both good and bad news. Good, that there, in the end, might be a common standard. Bad, that it’s still far in the future. Also good that the market has started realizing this and put requirements on compatibility.

If you already today want to benefit from both eco-systems, Yggio provides seamless integration.

Indigo Domotics now support Sensative Strips

The latest version Indigo 7.3 now adds support for many Z-Wave sensors, including Strips by Sensative.

Product Review: Strips by Sensative

“I absolutely love the size of these sensors it proves that the Z-Wave radio can fit in a small package which I think is great and more companies need to get on-board with doing this. Sensors need to start coming down in size and this is something I have thought for a long time. It is not just Z-Wave sensors all of them even wired sensors from traditional security systems need to be smaller and less obvious. The Strips by Sensative are a huge step in the right direction and I hope more companies follow suit. “

Strips Guard review by Mike Salerno, IoT Rant