Strips Door Window Sensor for SmartThings

Strips by Sensative. It’s a Door and Window Sensor for SmartThings. It’s super thin and if you can fit a quarter into the gap where you want to put it, it will fit! Watch for fitting on my front door where a regular sensor simply looks ugly.

Youtube video by David McCabe

Door / Window Sensative Strips SENE1110 – Распаковка

Приобрести Sensative STRIPS можно по ссылке –… Датчик открытия двери/окна Sensative STRIPS ― это самый тонкий беспроводной магнитный датчик для дверей и окон в мире! Предназначен для мониторинга и защиты состояния окон или дверей и отправки отчетов данных на контроллер Z-Wave. Датчик может быть установлен практически незаметно на рамах дверей или окон.

Youtube video by Z-Wave Украина

Strips video by ROBbshop

Onzichtbare Deur en Raam sensor gemaakt door Sensative genaamd ‘Strips’. De maker beloofd een levensduur van 10 jaar. De batterij is niet te vervangen.

Youtube video by ROBBshop

Montering + Test: Strips By Sensative

Mekade lite med projekt #SmartaHem igår och monterade en ny Z-wave sensor som stänger av elelementet när fönstret i rummet är öppet. Det var den korta versionen, läs vidare för mer detaljer.. 🙂


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Strips ZWave Door Sensor for SmartThings

This is Strips. It’s the thinnest zwave door and window sensor I have ever seen. I’ll be adding it to SmartThings and show you a little about it and where to place it on your door. Look for more videos about Strips on this channel.

This video was done on July 7th, 2015. As of publish there is 4 days left on indiegogo. It’s funded so get out there and order some! If you see this video afterwards head to their website for more information on how to order.

Check this forum for more information.

I goofed up the video while adding it to SmartThings. Check this channel video out as I may remove it and re-add it on a new video. It was real easy though.

Youtube video by David McCabe