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A key point to consider is that a secure home is not only one that can scare off a potential burglar but is also one that notifies you if there is a water leak, power outage or other unusual occurrence like a sudden, drastic temperature change.
Yggio - a technology-independent, open and secure platform and marketplace for property services
The world’s thinnest magnet sensor is now cleared for launch in the U.S.
After we started shipping Strips last year, we found an interesting discovery which lead to a new variant of Strips - we call it Strips baby!
A Look Back at 2015, Anticipation for 2016!
Over the past 2 weeks, representatives from Sensative have been seen in many different places
When you get close to launching your product, it seems like there is an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done and well, blogging kind of gets pushed down on the list.
It was an interesting visit to Berlin with our partners at Telldus and about 230,000 visitors to the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe, IFA
What the reviewer discovered was exactly what we hoped he would find.
Crowdfunding requires work. It’s work before, during and even after the campaign!
The Making of a Crowdfunding Film 25/6/2015 0 Comments In creating a compelling crowdfunding campaign, you need at least one, main, high quality film which explains the product, your company, your team and your goals.

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